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15 Cheap Healthy Snacks To Try

15 Cheap Healthy Snacks To Try

Cheap healthy snacks are becoming easier to find. Here is a list of healthy snacks to swap out for your junk food. Here are the best healthy snacks

We are all victim to running to the pantry at the first grumble of our stomach. Trust me, I do it too. But, when you look down and realize you’ve finished an entire bag of chips in one sitting, it can be a little nauseating to talk about. Love your body and love your food, but treat your body well by stocking it with snack foods that can propel you energized into your day instead of sinking you deeper into the couch. Here are some delicious and cheap healthy snacks alternatives to my favorite snack foods:

1. Simply Balanced Fruit Strips

These amazing, chewy fruit leathers are a great choice to swap for childhood favorites like fruit by the foot. I love to back one in the morning for a sweet surprise between classes!



2. Skinny Pop Popcorn

This low-cal, vegan popcorn is free of everything that could possibly be bad for you and somehow simultaneously full of taste. Original is great, but flavors like white cheddar and pepper are a must for last-night munchies. Skinny Pop is a popular brand of cheap healthy snacks.


3. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Squares

Avid Cheese-It eater? Try swapping in these organic baked crackers with no artificial ingredients. They are incredible and theres no need to feel bad when you go through half a box binging Netflix.



4. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Cheesy Puffs

This deliciously healthy adaption of Cheetos is artificial, organic, and non-GMO. Leave the and guilt behind, but never the cheesy fingers.



5. POP Chips

Hence their motto, “all the flavor, half the fat,” POP Chips taste like aerated versions of your favorite potato chips and taste absolutely unreal.


6. Brownie Brittle

Fan of brownies? Me too. With Brownie Brittle, you can guiltless snack on brownies for as long as you’d like! Bonus: they also come in lots of really, really good flavors (my favorite is sea salt caramel).



7. Ghirardelli 72% Cacao Intense Dark Chocolate

I am definitely a chocolate snacker. But, instead of grabbing handfuls of M&Ms, I have found dark chocolate in moderation to be a much healthier choice. It has many health benefits including antioxidants to keep you warm and healthy all winter long.



8. Dried Apples

For all you cracker lovers, dried apples are the perfect choice for you. Thin, crunchy, and with the crunch of a cracker, dried apples are just another form of your favorite fruit and are sure to fill you up fast and make you feel fantastic.


9. Bark Thins Snacking Chocolate

Not the biggest fan of seeds and nuts? It’s okay! Get these healthy boosts covered in some healthy dark chocolate and conveniently broken into snacking pieces. They taste amazing and are the perfect combination of junk food and healthy fuel.



10. Black Bean Multigrain Bean Chips

Lays chips are definitely incomparable, but these chips are full of nutrients and actually taste far better than they look. Its like if you took your favorite potato chips, extracted the grease, and injected it with tons and tons of benefits for your body and mind. So worth it.

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11. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

Honestly, these are just Reese’s on steiroids. They are smoother chocolate cups filled with organic, real-tasting peanut butter minus all the chemicals and preservatives of the candy we all love. Feel free to happily give in to the temptation.



12. Late July Organic Mini Peanut Butter Crackers

Peanut butter crackers are amazing, but they are honestly just unhealthy crackers spread with artificial peanut butter. Well, not these. These organic crackers are filled with organic peanut butter, no trans fats, no synthetic pesticides, no corn syrup, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. So what IS in them!? Well, peanut butter and crackers.

Late July Mini Peanut

13. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies

I reach for Goldfish just as much as you, but these cute little bunnies are basically just organic, all natural Goldfish. So, of course, reach away. Annie’s are great cheap healthy snacks, if not the best.



14. Annie’s Organic Grabbits Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Oreos are amazing but that consumed calorie number grows super fast. These organic sandwich cookies with no high-fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial allow you to munch and much away.



15. Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

Lastly, ice cream. There are tons of low-cal ice cream options on the market like Skinny Cow, but that doesn’t mean they are good for you. Try swapping the Ben and Jerry’s for a frozen greek yogurt bar like these delicious ones by Yasso because they taste amazing and are actually good for you. This is one of my favorite cheap healthy snacks.


What are your favorite cheap healthy snacks? Eat your hearts out and leave your favorite healthy junkfood-swaps below!
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