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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around CSUN

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around CSUN

Do you find yourself struggling to make plans with your friends or your significant other because you’re broke? How about because you just don’t know where to go? Or maybe you just never have the time? Well, have no fear! I’m here with 15 cheap and fun date ideas near CSUN — and yes, half of this list are restaurants, but how could you resist delicious, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing foods?!

1. Reseda Point

Located only 14 minutes away from CSUN (without traffic), Reseda Point is a perfect place to go with a group of friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend! Take a breathtaking glimpse of The Valley during sunrise, sunset or any time of the day and you’re sure to never be disappointed. The view isn’t the only great part about this date idea; it’s free too!


2. Northridge Fashion Center Mall Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., there’s the annual Northridge Farmers Market located right outside California Pizza Kitchen at the Northridge Fashion Center! The stands range from freshly made funnel cakes to flavorful Thai cuisine and to authentic Mexican food. You’re bound to find something that will appeal to your taste buds and your wallet!

3. Kathouse Inc. Tattoo

Feeling adventurous? Kathouse Inc. Tattoo is the perfect place to go with friends or anyone to get tattoos and piercings—talk about a unique date idea. The shop is clean and they charge fairly reasonably. Don’t forget your CSUN ID for $5 off your purchase!


4. Pacific Northridge Fashion Center 10

Such a cliché date idea, but hey! Who doesn’t love popcorn, ICEE’s, and movies?! Yes, prices have kicked up a bit since our parent’s time, but nothing compares to relaxing and enjoying yourself with a comedy, romance, or horror movie while stuffing your face with butter-smothered popcorn.


5. Brunswick Matador Bowl

BOWLING! Ah, it brings me back to my childhood. Bowling is such a classic date idea; not only can you get a good laugh from watching your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend fail miserably at the sport, but it’ll also add lots of steamy competition to your not-so-average date.

6. Party or Kickback

This one may seem pretty basic to some, but going to a party or kickback is actually a fun, unique date idea. There’s always tons of parties around CSUN, so I’m certain you’ll be able to grab a drink and have some fun!


7. Skateland

I don’t know about you guys, but when I was younger, Skateland was the place to go. It’s always fun stepping (or should I say skating… ha) out of your comfort zone, and with this date idea, that’s bound to happen! There are also arcade games inside, so if skating isn’t your thing, you could always play games all night with your date and win prizes!


8. Dearborn Park

Yes…back with the cliché date ideas. A park date is perfect for basically anyone! Wrap up a picnic blanket, some sandwiches, and drinks, and you’ll be set for a fun and inexpensive date!

9. The Japanese Garden

In The Valley, it’s sort of difficult to find places that, well… don’t look like The Valley.. However, at the Japanese Gardens, you’ll able to escape from the busy traffic on Nordhoff and dive into this new universe! Tickets are $5, but the experience is worth a lot more!


10. Bon-Bon Tea House

Yes—finally! The moment you’ve all been waiting for…. cheap restaurants to go to for you and your date! Bon-Bon Tea House is only six minutes away from CSUN and they offer an array of drinks for you to choose from. Don’t forget to check in on Facebook for a free upgrade to their largest drink size for the same price as their regular size! Talk about a deal!

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11. Pieology

Located 10 minutes away from CSUN, Pieology is the perfect place to go for a date! It’s cheap and delicious, what more could you ask for? The best part? You can customize your own pizzas and get a discount with your CSUN ID!


12. Granada Hills Food Trucks

Every Friday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., Granada Hills hosts a nighttime event where tons of food trucks gather along the side streets to sell their award-winning and Valley-famous foods! Craving a sushi burrito? They have a food truck for that! How about fried mac-and-cheese balls? They have a food truck for that, too!

13. Urbane Café

Only 10 minutes away from CSUN, you and your date can indulge in gourmet sandwiches and healthy salads for a reasonable price! The restaurant is quaint and has a very calm and earthy vibe. It’s the perfect place for a casual first date or your 5th date!


14. Salsa and Beer

Mexican food is honestly music to my ears. Salsa and Beer is definitely a hidden gem in The Valley and not to mention, it’s close to CSUN! In about 10 minutes (without traffic), you’ll be able to transform your palate with their to-die-for bean dip and chips and their array of Mexican dishes. Ugh, I could just drool thinking about it. You and your date will definitely enjoy this place!


15. Sweet Snow

Boba isn’t your thing? How about shaved ice?! At Sweet Snow, you and your friends or date will be able to customize your shaved ice by choosing your flavor of ice, drizzles, and toppings! It’s all super yummy and reasonably priced. Talk about a sweet date!

Do you have any other cheap and fun date ideas in the CSUN area? Let us know!

Featured image source: Tumblr