15 Cheap Father’s Day Gifts Under $15 Your Dad Definitely Needs

Mother’s Day has come and gone, and now… it’s our Dad’s turn. We have to thank the old man for putting up with us since we were born (it couldn’t have been easy). However, with the return of another dedicated holiday for parents comes with a fee, and that fee is another chunk of cash out of our bank accounts to give a gift like no other. Thankfully, if there’s anyone out there that understands your current financial situation, it’s probably your Mom and Dad. That’s why it’s important to give a gift that’s in your price range (aka, under 15 dollars) and still meaningful. These are the best cheap Father’s Day gifts under $15 that your Dad will definitely love.

1) An Epic Mug To Get The Day Going

Start your Dad’s big day off right by getting him a mug that says it all. He’s the man, the myth, and the legend – talk about an ego boost! This is one of the best cheap Father’s Day gifts out there!

2) If He’s Been Your Life Long Handy Man

I don’t know about your Dad, but mine is always fixing things in around the house (and breaking them). If your Dad’s been the one on speed dial when you needed a tire change, a picture hung up, or the toilet fixed – then this is the gift for him. This wristband holds all the items necessary, so he’s not screaming trying to find the right tools.

3) A Sappy Fill In The Blank Book Of Why You Love Him

Fill in the blanks for why you love your Dad with this book! Some examples include things like what he taught you to appreciate, what your biggest lesson has been, and so on and so forth. You can make this gift really cute, or really funny… it’s up to you.

4) A Personalized Beer Mug For The Beer Loving Father

If your dad is a lover of craft beer, then I’m sure a beer mug will be a gift of his taste (ha, get it?). Grab your Dad a pack of his favorite beer accompanied by a personalized beer mug, he won’t forget a gift as great as this one!

5) If Your Dad Can’t Leave The Golf Course

Pick your Dad up a golf glove that’s filled with love. Sure, maybe it’s not the most expensive glove out there. But it’s the thought that counts!

6) Some Socks That Do The Talking

When it comes to socks, are these not the king of them all? Who cares about cheap Father’s Day gifts when they’re of such high quality like these! Your Dad will get a laugh out of wearing these to the office or lounging around at home.

7) A Gigantic Universal Television Remote… Since Dad’s LOVE TV

I feel like all Dad’s are the same, they love beer, golf, and their TV time. If you’ve got a parent who fits these qualities and freaks out whenever the remote goes missing – get him a gigantic television remote that he will never lose. This is definitely one of the best cheap Father’s Day gifts!

8) If Your Dad Can Demolish Some Ice Cream

I don’t know about your Dad, but mine can sit down and eat a pint of ice cream like it was a teaspoons worth. If your Father’s a big ice cream guy, get him a spoon that calls him out on it. I’m sure he will have a good laugh!

9) Alright, So Your Mom Might Not Be Fan Of This Gift

With all the beer gifts in this article, it’s best not to show your Mom that you plan on giving your Dad the perfect concoction of gifts to make a drink.

10) For When His Favorite TV Series Comes On

Gift your Father a present that will get him one step closer to his man cave, an armrest tray. I mean for real, out of every gift he’s received in his life I’m sure this one will take the cake. This is by far one of the best cheap Father’s Day gifts for your Dad!

11) A Book All About Dogs… If He’s A Dog Person

This book was made into a movie not too long ago, and the origin of the story is so cute. Warning: it might make your Dad cry, but that’s okay – it’s for a good reason.

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12) Just In Case He’s Always Losing His Headphones

Hey, headphones are not an easy thing to keep around. Maybe your Dad likes to fit in a nightly walk with your dog, or listen to some music at work – these cheap headphones should do the trick!

13) Some Shades For His Rides Home From Work

This may be one of the best cheap Father’s Day gifts! If your Dad has been complaining about how bright it’s been on his latest commutes, then sunglasses are a great gift! Who cares if they’re cheap – he’ll probably misplace them anyways.

14) Cinnamon Flavored Tooth Picks May Be The Best Invention Ever

Although toothpicks aren’t much of an exciting gift, let me tell you, cinnamon flavor toothpicks totally are. If there’s any small gift your Dad will get excited for this Father’s Day, it’s definitely this one.

15) A Hilarious Sign

I mean… this just about sums up the life of a Dad who has a daughter, doesn’t it? Buy him this gift for his man cave, or just in general!

What do you think about these cheap Father’s Day gifts? Let us know in the comment section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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