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10 Cheap Fall Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

For those who opt to travel (either alone or with friends and/or family) somewhere else during the fall, logistics to consider include the destination, money, hotels, what to do, and travel arrangements, to name a few. Most people want to go somewhere that is enjoyable but doesn’t cost too much money. With that being said, here are 10 Cheap Fall Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank:

1. Montreal, Canada:

Montreal is one of the most popular cities in Canada that attracts lots of visitors during the summer. However, it is better to go to this city during the fall as you can get some cheaper hotel rates post-tourist season. It is a blend of old-fashioned meets modern city with old cobblestone streets and modern cityscapes and buildings. Montreal also has beautiful scenery, impressive museums, and great shopping. The Underground City is a must stop while you are exploring Montreal.

2. San Antonio, Texas:

Any city in Texas is an affordable place to travel to, but San Antonio is the one city in The Lone Star State you got to check out. The city is ranked highly amongst the Best Cheap Vacations in the US. Besides the River Walk and The Alamo, San Antonio is also famous for its spectacular restaurant scene. If you decide to pick this cheap fall destination, it is best to visit during November, when the hotel rates begin to ease and when the temperature moves into the 70s.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana:

Although is not Mardi Gras yet, New Orleans still makes the list for best cheap fall destinations because of the low hotel rates and great weather during the fall. It is best to go during October or November. It is only in the high 70s then. With fabulous cuisine, diverse culture, amazing nightlife, and music, there is plenty of things to see and do when you go. Stop by the famous Cafe Du Monde for the best beignets you will ever eat in your life and try some jambalaya! However, be sure to track the weather as you are planning your trip to New Orleans as the area is at risk for tropical storms and hurricanes during the fall.

4. Boston, Massachusetts:

Boston is a place that one can visit during any of the four seasons, but it is the best to go during the fall (preferably from mid-September to October) if you want to experience fall foliage, the changing of the color of leaves. For fall foliage, one must go to The Emerald Necklace Trail. The city is one of the best cheap fall destinations because visitors can also experience great food (especially fresh seafood), its rich culture and history, and their professional sports teams. One can find the best travel deals for Boston on websites like Expedia and Travelocity.

5. Barbados:

During the fall, hotels and resorts at this Caribbean Island have much-lower-than normal prices. Barbados, which is located at the easternmost edge of the Caribbean also offers a lower risk of hurricanes compared to other islands in the region. While there, be prepared to experience a combination of British and Caribbean culture.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico:

This place of one of the best cheap fall destinations to travel to if you are craving warm weather and sunlight! The best part of going to San Juan (if you are a US citizen) is that you don’t need to bring your passport with you. San Juan is a historic city with scenic waterfronts and brightly colored homes (both great features to include for your Instagram pictures). This destination provides visitors a tropical escape from their normal everyday lives. The best time to go to San Juan is after Labor Day, as both flight and hotel prices drop off a lot compared to the prices during the summer.

7. Chicago, Illinois:

It is preferable to visit The Windy City during the fall rather than the summer (it’s peak season) due to the lack of crowds and cooler weather (summer is also when it gets the hottest). Temperatures during the fall are in the 60s and 70s. In addition, Chicago is a great cheap fall destination for its’ lower hotel rates. Popular tourist attractions such as The Navy Pier and Millennium Park will have fewer crowds, therefore, making the experiences there more enjoyable and peaceful.

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8. Orlando, Florida:

The city that’s home to Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, and SeaWorld is a gem amongst cheap fall destinations, especially for families. The perks of traveling to Orlando during the fall include cheaper flights and hotel rates, and shorter lines for rides at any of these theme parks. The reason for this being that theme parks (anywhere in the world) tend to have fewer crowds while school is in session. The best time to go is in October as the weather is warmer and little chance of rain. However, avoid going during Labor Day Weekend and Thanksgiving as prices will be surge and there will be tons of crowds.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Visiting the capital of Argentina during the fall is a real treat as it is spring during this time in the country (Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere). As a result, most hotel rates there are low and reasonable until the end of December. The weather during this time is perfect (in the 70s). While in Buenos Aires, be sure to visit the La Boca neighborhood, Casa Rosada, and the Recoleta Cemetery.

10. The Bahamas:

The Bahamas is one of the best cheap fall destinations for those in need of a tropical escape. During the fall, hotel and flight rates are significantly lower as most people in the US don’t go until the cold winter comes. It is preferable to go to The Bahamas in either late October or November as the weather is much better during that time and the lower risks of hurricanes (fall is hurricane season). Nassau and Paradise Island are among the best areas to stay at while visiting.

From these 10 cheap Fall Destinations, where would you like to go to during your school’s fall break? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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