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5 Drugstore Beauty Products That Don’t Break The Bank

5 Drugstore Beauty Products That Don’t Break The Bank

Do you hate how much you spend on high-end beauty products? Society19 knows the best inexpensive drugstore beauty products you'll love!

It’s no secret that high-end makeup products burn a gaping hole in your wallet. But what if you could get that same Sephora quality for a third of the price? That’s where I come in. These five beauty products have been personally approved by yours truly! Save money this summer and STILL get that look with these drugstore beauty products!

1. Fitme by Maybelline

This is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!

Every girl knows the struggle of streaky makeup. In the summer heat, finding a liquid foundation that won’t melt off your face as soon as you step outside is a necessity. Fitme is a full-coverage foundation that fits every skin type. For oily skin, I use the Matte+ Poreless! But dry skinned friends, never fear. This product also comes in Dewy+ Smooth to give you that shine you’ve always desired. Full coverage, full wallet! This is one of the most sough after drugstore beauty products.

2. Translucent Loose Powder by Revlon This is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!

Of course, what’s a great liquid foundation if you can’t set it properly? Some people love a compact powder for a great finish, but often this can leave your face powdery. No one wants to be that girl whose face comes off and leaves a powder stain on their cute white shirt. Translucent loose powder is the key! It’s light, but will hold that face all day. For my more experienced readers, this loose powder is perfect for baking too. Just apply under the eyes as preferred with a beauty blender, and lightly whisk it away with your loose powder brush. This loose powder keeps my liquid foundation from getting oily throughout the day.

3. Falsies Black Drama Mascara by Maybelline
This is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!

I get emotional writing about this product. I have been a loyal Falsies customer since seventh grade when I first began wearing makeup. Although Falsies has many mascara brands, ranging from Volume Express to Push-Up Drama, Black Drama will always be the winner. I have long eyelashes, but they aren’t very thick. This mascara lengthens my lashes without any clumps! It lasts me about two weeks and I apply multiple coats in the morning in order to reach my full lash potential. Long-lasting and beautifying, this product is one of the hottest picks for drugstore beauty products.

4. Matte Liquid Liner by Nyx

This is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!

For the readers who are brave enough to use liquid eyeliner: this one’s for you. I have blonde hair and dark eyelashes, so the whole top-and-bottom mascara makes me look terrifying. Instead, I do a strong upper lash and a thin liquid liner wing. I like to think I’m channeling Blake Lively, but don’t quote me on that. Liquid liner lovers know the key to a winged eye is in the thin brush. Nyx Matte Liquid liner is here to save the day, people. Easy application, no smudges and it lasts a lifetime. I wear eyeliner regularly and have had my Nyx Matte Liner for over a year now! This is truly a game changer and is one of our must-have drugstore beauty products.

5. Dream Pure BB Cream by MaybellineThis is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!

Not everyone is into the whole full-coverage thing, and I totally understand that. This summer is a hot one and a full-coverage foundation can sometimes make you feel like you’re wearing a mask. Never fear folks! BB Cream is not only a light foundation for everyday use, it’s also an acne treatment! I know that when I’m in the middle of a breakout, it feels like a crime to drown my acne in foundation. It’s painful, and it only clogs your pores and makes the acne worse. BB Cream is a great solution! It covers your blemishes, but doesn’t drown them. This is a must have for days when you only need a little something on your face.

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What are some of your favorite drugstore beauty products? Comment below!

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This is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!

This is one of our favorite drugstore beauty products!


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