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10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

It’s the end of summer, the beginning of mental breakdowns and the start of something new. Going into college can be a whirlwind of stress and anxiety that no one wants to deal with; new school, new home and a new life. The most challenging yet fun part about making a brand new home for yourself is taking a dorm room, or should I say, a “piece of junk,” and recreating it into a space where you feel safe, content, and at peace. Here are ten cheap dorm decoration hacks that every college student needs to know, ’cause let’s be real, we’re all a little broke.

1. Bed And Beyond

The first step to making your room according to your liking, is to start by making your bed. Nobody likes to do it, but in order to have a comfortable space, a comfortable bed is crucial. I think we are all aware that a dorm bed is harder than a rock, so why not add a mattress topper? Walmart has some very price friendly ones. Just finish it off with colour coordinated pillows, a comforter and a nice soft blanket, and you’re good to go! This is one of the best cheap dorm decoration hacks; it’s simple and easy, but it sure goes a thousand miles.

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

2. Poster Sanctuary

There is nothing more fun than decorating your room with some beautiful posters that show off everything you are made of. And when they work as cheap dorm decoration hacks, it’s even better! That being said, rather than spreading out the layout and putting up posters all over your walls, why not create your own poster wall? Picking a specific corner of the room and arranging a range of different sized posters can really spice up the theme of your room and make that one corner that much more personalized. Let’s not forget that almost every college has an annual poster sale, and these babies price mostly from $5 to $15. Sounds like a steal to me!

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

3. Paint It With Plants

Now, if you prefer respecting the rules of college residence and not getting kicked out on your first week, you surely will not have the option of painting your room. Instead, adding a pop of colour by creating a plant haven around your room is an ideal cheap dorm decoration hack! Whether it’s by purchasing some live plants from a local store, fake plants from the Dollar Store (trust me, they have some great dollar deals on room decor), and a few plastic flowers and vines as a final touch to string around your new humble abode.

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

4. Lighting is Everything

A cheap dorm decoration favourite that we all know and love, especially if you spent your high school years on Tumblr and Pinterest, is string lights or fairy lights. But a fun lighting hack is to put up LED light strips in the corners of your room to light up your world just a little brighter. Amazon has them for about $18 which is super cheap for lighting decorations!

5. Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Wardrobe Closer

When it comes to decorating for cheap, your wardrobe is your best friend. Hanging some adorable hats, scarves or bags on the hooks that your dorm usually comes with never lacks to add a little something to your room. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not place a clothing rack and display your favourite pieces to make it even more glamorous? It’s safe to say that this dorm decor hack is cute AND convenient.

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

6. Vintage Photo Wall

Everyone loves creating a photo wall above their bed to showcase all the good memories the past few years have held. This cheap dorm decoration hack is a total favourite. Colourful photos sure are cute but sometimes, they just seem to crowd up the place, especially if you’re putting up a whole bunch of other decorations around the room. Instead, create a black and white photo wall; everything will match and although it is an attractive setting in the room, it won’t take away from anything else. Plus, black and white photos are not only cheaper to print, but they’re also every college student’s saviour.

7. Fake (Fur) It Till You Make It

Faux fur is one of the most luxurious pieces you can add to your room. The best part is that it is so versatile, it can be used as a staple or an enhancer; draping it over a chair, a stool, on the ground as a rug or on your bed as a throw. Kill two birds with one stone with this cheap dorm decoration hack and get yourself some fur pillows, and if you chose a white one, it will correspond perfectly with everything else in your room.

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

8. DIY Lettered Decor

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, making your own room decoration is not only cheap but it can also be so much fun! A popular dorm decoration hack is to use online softwares like Canva to make little cards and posters with your favourite quotes on them and printing them out is literally the easiest craft to do. You can also frame it to make it even classier. If you like writing or poetry, why not print them out and stick them on your poster wall to make it more personalized? If all else fails, just print out some big letters and put your name up on that wall!

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10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

9. Secondhand Furnishing

If it’s your first year of college, you must be informed that almost everyone sells their old furniture at the beginning or end of each year. This is one of the easiest cheap dorm decoration hacks, as well as the best way to up-cycle used materials, be nice to the earth and give something a new life. Try a little bedside table, a clothing rack, or even a body mirror to wake up to. Did I mention that these secondhand furnitures usually go for half the original price? Who doesn’t love a good sale!

10. Colour Coordinate

Last but not least, the simplest dorm decor hack to maintain a beautiful room is to colour coordinate EVERYTHING. Believe it or not, it is also the easiest; you are literally looking for just one, two, or maximum three different colours for your posters, furniture, and decorations. Colour coordination also sets a prevalent theme for your room and gives you the option of using different shades of the same colour. Some people like doing a basic white theme, some love grey, white and gold, and I personally love ocean blue! If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your room, this is one of the most ideal cheap dorm decorations for you.

10 Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

Which One Of These Cheap Dorm Decoration Hacks Will You Be Adopting This Fall? Let Us Know Down In The Comments Below!

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