10 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes

If you plan on celebrating Halloween this year, without breaking the bank, you might want to check out these cheap DIY Halloween costumes that all cost less than $20!

1. Leopard Kitty

I am a huge fan of leopard print, and if you’re anything like me, this will be the perfect Halloween costume for you. Use a leopard print patterned item you (or someone you know) already owns and presto – one leopard kitty. You can use dark eyeliner to draw on whiskers and a pink lipstick for the nose so you don’t have to shell out on overpriced, specialized Halloween makeup. The only thing you’ll need to buy is a cat eared head band which can be found at almost any accessory store like Claire’s or Ardene’s. Now, you’re not just a boring old cat, you’re a fabulous leopard kitty (and you have another excuse to leave the house in leopard print)!


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2. Angel/Devil

You may be thinking that these Halloween costume ideas are old duds, but what’s great about these costumes is that you can easily sex them up or down, depending on your mood. Add leggings if you want to be warm or wear that micro mini if you prefer to bare those legs. Just be sure to stick to one color scheme – white for the angel and red for the devil. You can easily make devil horns or a halo with some cardboard, some time, and the spray paint color of your choice. Add some sparkly makeup for the angel or some sultry dark shadow for the devil.

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3. Lumberjack

Every “basic” girl owns a plaid shirt, making this cheap DIY Halloween costume super easy. Combine the flannel with jeans and dark boots to pull the costume together. The only thing you’ll need to buy is an axe prop, or you could opt to make your own with cardboard and paint. Even if you have to go out and buy a flannel just for this costume, you can enjoy wearing that cozy plaid shirt all season long!


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4. Pirate

Raid your closet for anything “piratey.” Think culotte pants, and a good mix of striped and red items. You can buy an eye patch and a bandanna at almost any dollar store. If you own hoop earrings, don them, and if not, borrow some from a friend. Be sure to practice your Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean accent and if you have the ability to grow any facial hair – you will be on point!


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5. Inmate

Modernize this costume by dressing up as your favorite Orange is the New Black character. You can easily create a name tag with paper and a safety pin. All you really need to do is wear all orange clothes from top to bottom. Usually these can be found at almost any Goodwill or Value Village. Add glasses to pull off the Alex Vause look or embrace your fro  like Alex. Or you could embrace your big curls and go for the “Taystee” style. If you want to take the costume a step further, invest in a pair of mock handcuffs and reuse them next year for Halloween dressed as a police officer!


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6. Two Broke Girls

This cheap DIY Halloween costume is super easy to recreate, as the main component is the red apron. If you can’t find one at your local thrift store, opt for a red skirt, or even try cutting a piece of red material into the shape of an apron. Don’t forget a mustard yellow shirt! Try to wear something cupcake related to tie into the characters’ cupcake business. Make DIY waitress name tags. It is a total bonus if one of you is a brunette and the other is a blonde! If you choose to dress as Caroline, whine a bit about something around you. If you choose to dress as Max, feel free to be as sarcastic as you want all day.


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7. School Girl

Or in other words: one broke girl. While this may be a popular costume, you can choose to make this costume as sexy or unique as you want by wearing a mini skirt or plaid trousers. Throw on your backpack, glasses (fake ones can be found at almost any dollar store), and, depending on the style you are going for, fishnet stockings to make it extra racy! Find the thickest textbook you own and carry that thing along with you. You can use it as a flat surface later when you are snatching up that cute guy’s phone number!


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8. Crayon

This one can actually turn out to be an amazing group costume. Your friends can be as unique as they want with their color choice whether it’s fire engine red, macaroni and cheese yellow, purple pizzazz, or pink sherbet – the options are endless. Simply roll up a piece of construction paper into a cone shape, tape it together, hole punch each side, and attach a piece of string to hold it onto your head. Choose a basic color you already own and dress head to toe in just that color.


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9. Little Red Riding Hood

All that you really need is implied in the name – one red hood. (This may be the easiest of all cheap DIY Halloween costumes!) Finally, a costume that will allow you to actually be layered and warm. You can wear any simple red hoodie to pull this one off and wear any dress or even all black underneath. People typically wear their hair in braids for this costume but I don’t think that’s even necessary. If you own a picnic basket, tote that around with you for the night (it can double as a purse, too!).


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10. Siri

Dress up as real life Siri. Get creative – your version of Siri can be whatever comes to mind, in fact, you could simply go as yourself! Wear a name tag that says “Siri” so people will understand the joke. Or you can wear all black and print out a microphone symbol to tape on your stomach. Don’t forget to use your best Siri responses throughout the night.

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Most of these cheap DIY Halloween costumes can be made with things you already own. There is no need to waste time browsing on Pinterest, or spending money to ship a costume to you that you’ve never actually tried on. Now you can use that extra time to actually enjoy the Halloween season!

Which of these cheap DIY Halloween costumes is your favorite? Tell us down below!
Feature image source: easyhalloweencostumes2015z.com
Alisha Krywiak

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