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Cheap Date Night Ideas For Troy University Students

Cheap Date Night Ideas For Troy University Students

It’s a well-known fact that college students are always on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Dating in college can be lots of fun, even if you don’t have tons of extra money to spend. You just have to be creative.

There are lots of things you can do for very cheap, or even free. Plus, it’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re with! Hopefully, these cheap date night ideas help you out!

1. Go See A Movie

It sounds clichè, but going to a movie can be a really nice first date. If it’s your first date and you’re too nervous to do much talking, a movie is perfect. It’s not too expensive, and it’s even better if you go when it’s a $2 movie night for students.


You can get a ticket for you and your date for only $4! And, there’s more than likely going to be a movie you and your date both have been wanting to see, so it’s a win-win!

2. Go To A Museum

There are quite a few museums in Troy, AL. You can go downtown to the Johnson Center for the Arts, or drive just a few minutes to the Pioneer Museum of Alabama. The Pioneer Museum of Alabama also houses the Conecuh River Depot Military Museum, so you’ll have plenty to do/see.

Since you’ll already be downtown, you can grab a quick bite to eat at one of the restaurants in the square without breaking the bank.


Cheap Date Nights For Troy University Students

3. Have A Picnic

There are so many places to have a romantic picnic with your date. This date would be super cheap since you’d just be paying for the food. You can stay on campus and picnic at Janice Hawkins Park (so beautiful!) or you can take a trip to Pike County Lake. Also, if you’re into fishing, the lake is a good place for that too!

4. Go Hiking

This date is perfect if you’re an outdoorsy couple. The Heart of Dixie Trail Ride has lots of trails you can hike, so you’ll be occupied all day. And again, this is a good place to go fishing! There’s also a swimming pool for guests, and picnic tables so you can have your lunch there as well.


Plus, girls love taking an insta-worthy picture of their date and posting it, so this is a win-win as well.

5. Go To Camp Butter And Egg

This date might cost a little bit more, but it’s worth it. Camp Butter and Egg has lots of things to do, like ziplining, laser tag, and a ropes course. The staff makes sure you have a great time and get your money’s worth. This would be a good date for a special occasion!

6. Go swimming

The good news is, we live in Alabama, so you can go swimming for 8 months out of the year. Take your date to Troy Parks and Recreation center for a swimming date. You can get into the pool for a small price, and you’ll have fun all day.


You can also go night swimming if you want less of a crowd and more romance! If High School Musical taught us anything, it’s that a night swimming date is the way to go.

Cheap Date Nights For Troy University Students

7. Take A Weekend Camping Trip

If you’re both lucky enough to have a job that doesn’t schedule you on the weekends, this is a perfect (extended) date! It’s a getaway and a date wrapped in one. Again, this date might cost a little more so it might be best to save for special occasions, but it’ll be worth the money. What’s more romantic than a night of camping in the fall?


Cheap Date Nights For Troy University Students

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8. Have A Stay-At-Home Movie Marathon

Good news- this date is free! Curl up on the couch with your boo and watch your favorite movies. Who doesn’t love a good Harry Potter marathon? If you’ve got extra money to spend, buy a cheap ($25) projector from Amazon and amp up your movie day!


This is perfect for a rainy or cold day. You can just curl up under the blankets and chill all day.

9. Go To The Library

It sounds boring, but I promise it’s not! If you and your date are comfortable with each other and know each other pretty well, you can each pick out a book you think the other will like. This can be fun afterward too because you can talk about the books you picked out for each other.

This is a good way to get to learn about each other’s interests, or test what you already know about each other.


10. Go Mini Golfing

If you’re willing to drive a little bit, you can take a trip up to Montgomery and go mini-golfing. This could be especially romantic if you go at night when everything’s lit up! Also, there are lots of good places to eat in Montgomery so you can get out of the vicious “Cook Out-Chick Fil A- Moes” cycle. And who says an hour-long car ride with your girl can’t be fun?

11. Go For A Bike Ride

Again, this is a perfect date night for the fall, when the weather is cool but not too cold. Even if you don’t own bikes, you can rent bikes from Spin on campus for very cheap. There are sidewalks everywhere on campus and almost everywhere in town.

You can even bring a speaker if you have a basket on your bike, and play romantic music while you ride!


12. Have A Game Night

Break out all the board games from your childhood and have at it! There are also lots of 2 player games you can play with cards. Assuming you already have a few games, this date night should be free! This is perfect if you’re looking for a super fun and silly date.

Troy Students- What are your favorite cheap date nights? Tell us in the comments below!

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