15 Cheap Date Night Ideas As Told By A Poor College Student

These cheap date night ideas are perfect for any college student or anyone else who might be on a budget! Here are our favorites!

Being a student is tough. Being a student while dating can be even tougher. Instead of spending all that extra and very needed cash check out these 15 cheap date night ideas to plan the best date night.

1. Star gazing

Enjoy spending the fall evening with your significant other star gazing! Bundle up with some warm blankets, and cozy socks as you both trace the stars with each other. If you want to take the date to the next level download some free apps like Star Chart, and Night Sky Light and learn about all the different constellations that make up our night sky.


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2. Bake some tasty treats with your boo

Get out the mixing bowls, measuring cups, and thousands of ingredients you and bae will need for the night in. Together look up some yummy treats that you have been dying to have and start baking! This is a really fun idea when your both craving something sweet, but don’t have to go all the way to the store to get. This is one of the best cheap date night ideas.


3. Break out the game boards because its game night

Grab that old monopoly set that has been collecting dust in that closet and clear it off. Make game night interesting by even setting up your own rules for the game. Upping the stakes not only makes for better competition but also could lead to a very satisfying win.


4. Grab all the nearest blankets you have for building forts

It might seem childish to some people, but building forts will never grow old in my book. It’s a fun way to get creative with your significant other, all the while bringing back one of the golden memories from our childhoods. App up your forts by even adding extra levels, or building it all throughout the apartment.


5. Movie Marathon

Get Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and any other block buster that comes to mind for a movie marathon. If he/she likes only likes horror movies you guys switch between genres to keep each other interested in the many plots about to be watched.


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6. A date at the local coffee shop

Get out of the house for a couple of hours and go to the nearest coffee shop. I know that this might not seem like the cheapest of dates but a cup of joe shouldn’t run you more than $5-7 dollars for the both of you. Also if coffee and tea aren’t your thing coffee shops also have great hot chocolate selections you can choose from.


7. Walk around the neighbored park

Inhale some fresh fall air as you both take a stroll around the neighborhood.


8. Wine night

Are you both in need of a little pick me up after a long week? Look no further than the local convince store. Stop by on your way home and pick up a cheap bottle of barefoot to share. You don’t even have to leave your house to get lit together. Plus, it’s easier on the bank account.


9. Hiking

Get them sneakers on and hit the nearest trails near you. Explore the outside world and all its wonders locally with each other. When you guys get tired sit and enjoy the natural scenery. Just don’t forget to take the bug spray because mosquitos are everywhere even in fall.


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10. Mix it up with a scavenger hunt

Create a list together of all the places in town and select different items to find in each of those spaces. It might cost a little for gas, but it’ll be worth it when your both laughing at how funny this challenge is.


11. Paint with Bob Ross

It’s Bob Ross should I say anymore?

12. Visit and volunteer at a local animal shelter

Donate your time with these cute little fur balls.


13. Messy Twister

Get down and dirty with babe in this not so kiddy rated rendition of the classic game.


14. Go Roller Blading

Strap on those skates and hold on to each other.


15. Nap together

Who ever says this isn’t a date is out of their mind. This is one of the best cheap date night ideas.


Have other suggestions for cheap date night ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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