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Cheap Date Ideas For The Frugal Dater

Cheap Date Ideas For The Frugal Dater

These cheap date ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to save money. You'll be saving tons of money and still having a lot of fun!

Dating can be a stressful and crucial process in this modern age of dating. We have to deal with the fear of ghosting, catfishing and being the sidepiece. A major stress to dating is spending money on people who aren’t deserving of our hard earned money. Imagine forcing to it with the first date and not secure a second date. Not only are your feeling like you played yourself, but your bank account is looking smaller! I’m proud to be a frugal dater! Being a frugal dater means I’m always looking for a deal! Don’t be ashamed to be cheap when it comes to dating! Some of us have student loans and bills to pay, its hard trying to live our lives because you need money! If someone can’t accept the idea to go on a Groupon date than that’s a problem! Here are some cheap date ideas!


Costco is the perfect cheap date spot! It’s a huge grocery store warehouse means that it’s walkable and easy to get lost to explore each aisle. The most important factor to costco being a cheap date idea is FREE SAMPLES. We’ve all been guilty of snatching up all the free samples at Costco. You can literally have a lunch or dinner date at Costco for free! A Costco membership is necessary for anyone! Costco has everything for bulk. Costco dates can provide you an idea of the person’s foods likes and dislikes. Please take advantage of your Costco membership, if you have one! This is a dating idea for frugal daters.

Cheap Date Ideas For The Frugal Dater

Coffee Date

Everyone should go on a coffee date! I personally treat coffee dates like an interview. You get to have a small talk and not deal with awkwardly eating or trying to look cool. Most importantly, coffee dates are super cheap! Just go to a cafe and get a drink! You don’t have to drink coffee, some people choose to drink tea. If things don’t end well, at least you didn’t waste a small chunk of your paycheck! A coffee date will help you get to know someone better. It helps you build a mental connection with a potential partner. Who wants to go on an official date with someone who can’t hold a conversation! This is a typical dating idea for frugal daters.

Cheap Date Ideas For The Frugal Dater

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Every frugal dater needs a Groupon account! Groupon can be used to find cheap dating activities and discounts to restaurants. There are plenty of activities to choose as a potential date. If you’re into fitness, try getting a Groupon for rock climbing or laser tag fitness. Foodies should use Groupon to try a new restaurant or interesting cuisine. We all love a deal and Groupon is around to have your back! If you’re into saving cash than download the Groupon app. You can use the app as an opportunity to try new activities for half of the price. This is helpful dating idea for frugal daters.

The Park

Going on a walk at the park is perfect for any frugal dater. All you’re doing is walking around and enjoying the weather. You can sit on some benches and people watch. There are plenty of things to do at the park. Dating doesn’t mean you have to spend money. It’s the process of meeting someone to build a genuine connection! Buy a cup of coffee and sit with your date on a park bench. If things don’t workout just part ways. Use the park as a way to see how that person reacts in different settings. This is one of the best cheap date ideas!

Cheap Date Ideas For The Frugal Dater
Are you a frugal dater? Would you go or try one any of these cheap date ideas? Are there any other date cheap date ideas? Comment below and share with your single/frugal friends!
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