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10 Cheap Date Ideas For College Students

10 Cheap Date Ideas For College Students

If you're in college with a girlfriend, then these are the best cheap date ideas for college students that you need to try! From restaurants, to stay at home dates - your girlfriend will love these date night ideas!

Are you in college with a girlfriend? Or do you have your eye on a special girl but don’t have the money to take her out on an extravagant date? Having a girlfriend and wanting to take her on great dates can be difficult as a broke college kid. My boyfriend is more than aware of this, so in order to help him and fellow guys up to date, I’ve compiled a list of super fun and cheap dates to go on! Keep reading for 10 cheap date ideas for college students!

1. Movie night at a cheap theater.

Most college towns have a cheap movie theater – take advantage of it! Movies may be a little behind but ticket and food prices are way cheaper than regular cinemas.

2. Picnic at the park and watch the sunset

Okay guys. Go to Walmart, buy some snacks, drinks, and whatever you need to make sandwiches, and find a cute park or area where you can picnic. Spend time talking, playing on a playground, and eating until the sun starts to set. Super romantic, super cheap.


This is one of the best cheap date ideas for college students!

3. Go on an early morning hike to watch the sunrise

This is a fun idea even if you’re not a morning person because the views are breathtaking. I recommend packing a breakfast or planning to get brunch afterwards, because a girl’s gotta eat.

4. Find an aquarium or zoo to visit

Aquariums and zoos are super fun, especially if your girl is an animal lover! You get to check out cool animals and watch in admiration as your date is amazed by cool fish or zoo animals. It’s a win win.


This is one of the best cheap date ideas for college students!

5. Go to a restaurant and order only dessert

Okay fellas, this is my personal favorite. If your girl has a sweet tooth, this date is a winner. I recommend Red Lobster or Chili’s for a chocolate chip skillet cookie – literally to die for! Dessert is always a winner. This is one of the best cheap date ideas for college students!

6. Explore Downtown

This is also one of my favorites! I love cute downtown places. There’s so many places to explore – just walk around together, go in little shops, find a nice place to stop in and grab a smoothie, milkshake, or dessert!


This is one of the best cheap date ideas for college students!

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7. Attend a sporting event

If both of you are into sports and it’s that sports’ season, go to a game! At Liberty, students get into NCAA games for free – non NCAA sporting event tickets are only $1 or $2, so still cheap. This is a great way to cheer on your favorite team while spending time together.


8. Visit historical sites and museums

If you’re within a half hour to an hour away from any cool historical sites or museums, go to them! Lots of museums have free admission, just plan on getting food somewhere (because all girls love food).

This is one of the best cheap date ideas for college students!

9. Go to a trampoline park

Trampoline parks are so fun! This is also a great idea for a double date. Find another couple and go together. Prices typically range from $5-$15, plus socks if you buy those.


10. Binge watch movies or a tv show

If it’s too cold outside to do anything, grab some blankets and a laptop (or tv) and watch your favorite movies together. It’s also fun to find a new show to watch together! Just as long as neither one of you watches an episode without the other!

Do you like these cheap date ideas for college students? Let us know in the comment section below!

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