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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near WCU

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near WCU

Need date ideas near WCU? We've got you covered! Here are the best dates near WCU. West Chester University dates won't disappoint. Plus they're cheap dates.

Ah, dating– one of the foundational bricks of living the full college experience! Dating doesn’t have to be expensive in order for it to be fun! Here are some inexpensive date ideas that suit everyone– from the athletes to the couch potatoes– around West Chester University. No car? No Worries! All these date ideas near WCU  are walk-able from anywhere on campus.  🙂

 1. $2 Movie Nights @ WCU

Every Friday at WCU, the Sykes Student Union holds $2 movie nights, where the college shows the newest films out in theaters.  Movies are at 7:30 pm on Fridays, 10:30 pm on Saturdays, and 7:30 pm on Sundays for JUST $2 in the Sykes. One of the best date ideas near WCU!

2. Football Games @ WCU

Enjoy a cute sporty date at the beautiful WCU stadium on North Campus, where you can cheer on the Golden Rams!  WCU students get in for free with their ID card, and other college students get in for $7. For extra flirt point, break out the war paint and pom poms.


 3. You’ll Always Have A Pizza My ♥

West Chester has a dozen pizza places to chose from– but which one’s the best for a romantic night out? Amore (aww!) Pizzeria on South High Street, of course!  Nothing is sexier than pasta and pizza, am I right??  They have vegan and vegetarian options, too!


4. Busy in the Borough

West Chester is super hip little town that has stores that meet everyone’s likes and hobbies, from a giant skate shop to two groovy hippie stores.  Walking around the borough is best to do on weekday afternoons, as the stores close pretty early, and during the late afternoon-evening on weekends.  There’s a lot to look at, so that awkward silence of trying to find something to talk about will never occur! (exhale that sigh of relief!)

5. Be One With Nature

Chester County is luscious and green!  Visit West Goshen Park, Everhart Park, or Marshall Square Park; all of which are *free!* and within walking or SPETA tolerable distances from campus!  


6. Jam Sesh

West Chester is full of musicians and random music nights in the borough.  If you live on campus, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in your dorm without seeing a group of kids playing instruments together or singing.  Or, (if you are 21!!) hit up one of the local bars– there’s always live music on Friday and Saturday nights!

7. Volunteer

Nothing brings two love birds together like spreading love to others.  Scedhule a volutneer day with the Chester County Food Bank, Chester County ASPCA, or any other charity nearby at

8. Get a Manicure/Pedicure/Spa Massage

The great thing about spas is the quietness.  Sometimes all we want to do is be in the presence of our loved one or crush without even talking to them– if this is the case, go to the spa!  If your significant other/crush is  a boy and is too “manly” to go to the spa, compromise– get massages or reflexology!  I recommended Optimal Massage & East Coast Float Spa, both on Gay St.

9. Release Your Inner Gamer

Games are so underrated– a good game of Monopoly, scrabble, or Taboo brings out the best in us, and the down-to-earth manner of games helps break the awkwardness and expose our silly sides.  Grab some other pals on your floor & invite them to play.  Games like trivial pursuit are awesome too, especially if you have a bunch of people of different majors playing!  

10. F-R-O-Y-O-!-!-!

Instead of dinner, opt for going out for a treat, like some magical froyo at Kiwi Frozen Yogurt on Market Street, instead.  It’s less expensive, more fun & casual, and helps avoid that “oh my gosh I’m sitting across from this person at a formal dinner table and I’m dropping spaghetti everywhere” moment.   They even have delicious VEGAN flavor, and carob chips, too! 

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11. Pheel Good in Philly

The cool thing about WCU is that it’s super close to Philadelphia.  Take a bus to the Exton Train Station, where you can take the train for $7 to Philly, where you can walk the city (avoid North Philly & anywhere you don’t feel safe!) and get a bite to eat, see a play, or explore!  Note:  If you’re new to the area– PLEASE bring a native Philadelphian with you– go in even numbers if in a group so there’s no “wheeling”!  

12. Homework Buddies

This may seem cheesy AF, but the idea of study buddies is often so overlooked.  Nothing is sexier than showing off your brain and helping ones you love, so getting together at a library or Starbucks to share some ideas and get a coffee is a wonderful, inexpensive date idea.  

13. Get Those Wheels Rollin’

WCU students have the ability to rent bicycles at one of WSU’s many bike share racks around campus.  Biking around the University and surrounding area is a fun, active way to get to know someone and enjoy their company– and stay active! 🙂

14. Love is Strong <3

If you and your SO are gym people, go on a fun late night or early morning gym outing!  Even if you both end up doing your own thing, being there to encourage one another is super awesome, and you can help each other with new exercises, form, etc.  The West Chester YMCA is awesome, or if you’re a WCU student, utilize the FREE awesome Rec Center near Lawrence Dining Hall!  (They have an amazing rock wall!!!)

15. Stay Classy!

Taking a class or any kind together is a good way to bond!  Exercise classes, art classes, cooking classes, yoga, etc are all magical and fun times to share on a date.  WCU offers yoga and Zumba classes in the Rec Center, and off campus the borough offers yoga classes at Eat. Drink. Om on East Gay Street, and Chakra Healing & Crystal Meditation classes at the Prana House on North Church Street!  

Let us know what you think about these date ideas near WCU! Drop us a line!!
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