15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Looking for some date ideas near University of Wisconsin La Crosse that won't totally break your bank? Fortunately, there’s plenty of great things to do.

Looking for some date ideas near University of Wisconsin La Crosse? Fortunately, there’s plenty of great things to do around the UWL campus and La Crosse area. Not to mention, they’re all inexpensive things to do if those college expenses are draining your wallet. If you’re tired of the same old date ideas, check out these great places and things to do around the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.

1. Get all glazed up at All Glazed Up

This cute storefront is a great place to check out for a date night. They have everything from mugs, plates, vases and trinkets at low prices, that you can choose to glaze with any design you dream of. Things might get a little messy, but you’ll be sure to have a fun time painting with your date in this cozy shop.




2. Cool down with an icy treat

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What else could make a date better than ice cream? Spend a day downtown with your date and then grab a scoop of your favorite ice cream at The Pearl Ice Cream and Coffee Shop. It won’t break the bank either.

3. Enjoy nature hiking the Bluffs of La Crosse

La Crosse is known for its beautiful natural scenery and bluffs. Make a free date out of Mother Nature and hit those trails winding through the bluffs with your significant other. Bonus points for a picnic lunch on the bluffs and watching the sunset on them as well.



4. Rewind time at a 50s theme restaurant

An interesting and tasty date night is going to Rudy’s Drive In, just a short walk from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Campus. Just pull into the drive in and place your order in the machine next to your car as you enjoy the old fashioned, 1950s restaurant. You’ll get great food at cheap prices, and plenty of time and privacy to talk to your date. Tip: Try the Root Beer Float!



5. Enjoy live music and a great dinner

While concerts and music festivals are a date activity that a lot of people enjoy, they don’t happen to come around to La Crosse very often. However, several dining spots around the UWL campus occasionally have free live music to enhance your date night dinner! Javavino and The Root Note are two great places that offer a nice evening of food, drinks and music to enjoy and bond over.


6. Try to escape from the Escape Room

Make it a double, triple…group date with a trip down to the Escape Room in La Crosse! This is a fun place that costs a little more, but offers great discounts. It’s a fun way to work together and talk in efforts to escape from the mock situation and win a prize!


7. Dinner and movies at the Rivoli Theater

Everyone loves the classic dinner and movie date, right? Head to the Rivoli Theater where you can combine both of those activities for a great date night out. The theater offers dinner, drinks and a selected film, all in one comfortable place.


8. Enjoy some fun and shenanigans at Shenanigans

Want to get competitive with your date? If you’re looking for a more adventurous date idea, go downtown and check out Shenanigans Sports Bar. They have drinks, dinner, and fun games like paintball!


9. Take in beautiful views at Riverside Park

Enjoy nature and the beautiful view of the Mississippi River down at Riverside Park with your date, no matter what the season is. Stroll through the park and enjoying walking through the colorful gardens, all at no cost. Take it up a level and make it a picnic in the park!


10. Fun with painting at Creative Canvas and Board

Creative Canvas and Board is another great date idea/spot for the artsy couple. Stop by the shop and paint your own canvas with your partner. Or look into the Sip and Paint nights and get creative with your date and others as you drink wine and create beautiful paintings!


11. Tour the City

If you’re looking for something completely different to do with your date around the UWL campus, Segway tours of the city are another adventurous and fun idea for a date. It’s a great way to explore the city and find new places and spots for the next date!


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12. Do dessert first!

Thankfully La Crosse has plenty of places for the sweet tooth in all of us. Switch up the usual date and grab dessert first! There’s cupcakes, cookies, chocolate and candy shops downtown from campus with every dessert you can imagine. No matter which place you visit, you’ll be sure to put a smile on your date’s face with a sweet treat…or dozen!



13. Take a brewery or winery tour

The La Crosse area is home to several great breweries and wineries. If you and your date are of age, spend the day tasting some of the best beers and wines the area has to offer. Downtown La Crosse boasts both breweries and wine bars with great prices for the college student.


14. Don’t buy dinner- opt to make it instead!

The farmers market in La Crosse is one of the most widely recognized in Wisconsin. During the summer months, walk on down to Cameron’s Park with your date and buy some cheap, fresh and colorful fruits and veggies for the perfect, made from scratch meal. While you’re there you can spend time strolling through the park and vendor stands enjoying all the products and beautiful weather.


15. Caffeinate with some coffee

Coffee dates are one of, if not the quintessential date idea, especially if it’s a first date you’re looking forward to. Of course, coffee is one of one the diet essentials to college students too, so why not opt for a cozy coffee shop if you’re short on date ideas. Since there are so many college students in La Crosse there’s plenty of cute coffee places around the university campus to grab a cup and conversation.




Whatever or whoever you’re with, you’ll find a ton of different things to do on a date if you’re on or near the University of Wisconsin La Crosse campus. This is not an exhaustive list, as the city has so much more to offer for visitors and residents. Whatever you choose for a date idea, have fun!

What are your favorite cheap and fun date ideas near University of Wisconsin La Crosse? Share in the comments below!
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