15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near University of Delaware

Looking for a cheap alternative for date night at the University of Delaware? Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near the University of Delaware!

15. Millburn Orchards

Spend anytime from late June to November in the beautiful acres at Millburn Orchards. Spend the day picking local delicious apples, and various berries or even petting adorable farm animals at a beautiful location less than 10 minutes from UD.  Costs vary depending on the time of the year but average $10.00 per person.

14. Picnic at Clay Creek State Park

A short 4 minute drive from UD, White Clay Creek State Park offers couples a scenic atmosphere that differs from the normal hustle and bustle of the city of Newark. Enjoy the beautiful setting at the Park’s many picnic tables with your special someone.

13. Axxiom Escape Rooms

Only a quick walk away on Newark’s Main Street, Axxiom Escape Rooms offer couples a unique and fun experience as they attempt to escape intricately themed rooms. With up to five different themes of all different skill sets, the cost of the hour-long activity averages around $15- $20 per person.

12. Food tour of the New Castle Farmers Market

What’s better than food? Sharing it with someone special! At the New Castle Famers Market, a short 20-minute drive from Campus, you and your date can spend the day tasting samples of Delaware’s local delicacies, while even bringing some treats back home!

11.  Watch a Delaware 87ers Game

At UD’s own Bob Carpenter Center, Watch the B-team for the Philadephia 76ers at more than half the price! Tickets range as low as 15 dollars each!

10. Ice-Skate at the Fred Rust Ice Arena

Located on campus, the Fred Rust Ice Arena allows you and your date to show off your skills at a low price of $12.00! Public Sessions are offered on the weekends.

9. See the lasted Movies at Main Street Movies 5

Located on Main Street, this movie theater offers all of the latest movies! All movies before 6 pm cost only $9.00 per ticket. Also, on Tuesdays, all tickets are reduced to $6.00 all day.

8. Visit the Brandywine Zoo

Located in Downtown Wilmington, DE, the Brandywine Zoo offers couples the experience to see animals from all around the world only 20 minutes away from campus. Prices change dependent on the time of year, the average cost is $7.00 a ticket.

7. Enjoy America’s Favortie Past-time at Frawley Stadium

For a maximum price of $14 a ticket, enjoy Wilmington Delaware’s Minor League Baseball team, the Blue Rocks!

6. Enjoy Delaware’s Beautiful Waters at the Riverfront Market

This location is perfect for all couples who can never make up their decision on what to eat! Enjoy foods like fresh sushi and Cheesesteaks on the Riverside in Wilmington. Enjoy the nearby Mini-golf and boat rides as well!

5. Go to the Arcade and Get Some Holes-in-one at Vince’s Sports Center

Located in Newark, DE, Vince’s Sports Center offers couples the classic Mini-golf date with the inclusion of a raved snack bar and arcade at a low cost of $6.50 a person! This is a popular one when it comes to date ideas near University of Delaware.

See Also

4. Hang out at Brew HaHa! for some delicious drinks

Brew HaHa! is one of UD’s most noted coffee shops, located on Main Street. Enjoy a coffee break with your special someone, with drinks around $3.00 each.

3. Go on a Hay Ride or Horse Back Riding at the Carousel Park and Equestrian Center

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Carousel Park and Equestrian Center offer couples the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Delaware in an exciting way. Rides are available from April to October, while Hayrides last from October to November! Average costs are about $20.00 a person.

2. Attempt to find all planets in the scale solar system located on UD’s Main Campus

Located throughout campus are granite markers that represent the sun and planets. With your partner explore the Green in ways never looked at before!

1 . A Stroll in UD’s Botanical Gardens

Visit the University of Delawares very own botanical Gardens. The FREE romantic setting is perfect for any date! This truly is one of the best date ideas near University of Delaware, if not the best.


Let us know what you think about these date ideas near University of Delaware in the comments below!
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