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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of Pittsburgh

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of Pittsburgh

Dating in college should be easy, exciting and inexpensive since you’re surrounded by new people in a new place, but can grow repetitive quickly. Tired of your dorm room Netflix and chill being interrupted by a roommate? Looking for an adventurous way to impress your S.O. isn’t risky to you or the restaurants on Forbes? (I see you, Parkour Qudoba Boy.) Keep reading for a list of 15 cheap and fun date ideas near the University of Pittsburgh!

1. Stroll through Schenley Park!

Even though the university is in the city, Schenley Park is just a short walk from campus. Filled with biking and hiking trails, large open areas perfect for picnics, and Panther Hollow, Oakland’s largest and worst kept body of water, exploring the park is an awesome way to spend time with your boy or girlfriend.

2. Take pictures at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The huge glasshouse across from Schenley Park is a magnificent feat of architecture and botany creates the perfect date for any beauty loving duo. It is the most insta-worthy of date ideas near The University of Pittsburgh! Free admission with a University of Pittsburgh student ID lets you gaze at gorgeous blossoms in seasonal exhibits and attend events designed to educate on environments around the world. The plants seem to go on forever, so plan on losing yourselves in the experience!


3. Explore The Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History.

Another perk of the Pitt ID is the free admission to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. This double feature right on campus is the ideal way for an intellectual couple to bond, especially for those who don’t have the most compatible interests.

4. Tour The Cathedral of Learning and the Nationality Rooms.

The pride of Pitt and a beacon for students, the Cathy can become an everyday sight, especially if you have classes in this building. Take time to remember how precious our favorite place is by grabbing a bae and touring the incredible Nationality Rooms. Bonus points if you go in December to see the rooms decked out festively for the holidays.


5. Picnic at Schenley Plaza.

Another green place on campus, the plaza is the place to lay out a blanket and have a picnic or grab a bite from the worldly Conflict Kitchen, Asian Tea House, or Gyro Stand. Want to take it up a level? Stretch a hammock across the trees lining Schenley Dr. Ext for the prime place for you and a partner to chill between classes and homework.


6. Enjoy Pitt sports!

For something with a little more hype and excitement, head to any Pitt game! The favorites for students are the football games in the student section’s end-zone and basketball games as part of the Oakland Zoo. Discounted student tickets and on campus venues or university provided transportation make these options super easy to cheer on the teams with your favorite panther fan. Cheering on your favorite team and being a part of the school spirit makes for one of the best date ideas near The University of Pittsburgh.


7. Explore the campus.

Even though the Pitt is compact in Oakland, it contains some great spots with even better views. If climbing Cardiac Hill doesn’t take your breath away, your unique perspective of the campus might. Personal favorites of mine include the fountain outside of the Frick Fine Arts building and the 36th floor of Cathy.

8. Go to Hillman for a study date.

Has all the dating distracted you from your studies? Focus on classes and your having a study date in Hillman together. Book one of the group study rooms, put on some music to focus, and get lost in your notes late into the night, this way you ace those exams and the way into your bae’s heart.



9. Attend Pitt Stages shows!

Take advantage of the cheap but talented art scene at the university! Pitt’s theater department puts on between 4-6 shows every semester in one of the three on-campus theaters. As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, tickets are available per show or for the full semester, but sell out quickly. It’s the perfect date night for two artsy college students.

10. Try new sweet treats.

Need to indulge your sweet tooth? Walk along Forbes to Dave and Andy’s ice cream shop or the frozen yogurt vendor Razzy Fresh! It is the sweetest of date ideas near The University of Pittsburgh! Both inexpensive and seriously delicious, they will compete with your S.O. to be the sweetest part of the date!

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11. Breakfast at Pamela’s Diner!

Pittsburgh has a growing reputation as a great city for foodies and one staple of that is Pamela’s Diner. With one location on Forbes, it’s on the edge of the campus, along with the Red Oak Café. The popular diner and café are a great fit for breakfast, brunch and lunch and digging into a tasty meal with your bae.


12. Food Trucks are all over.

Another great food option are the international food trucks parked along Bigelow Blvd. From a crepe station to Indian food, they offer a wide variety that will be able to satisfy any hungry couple, no matter how different their tastes. Grab your grub and settle on the lawn of Soldiers and Sailors to create an impromptu picnic that will make adorable Instagram posts!

13. Rent a bike and go for a ride.

A newer option to the city is biking. Pittsburgh offers inexpensive bike rentals from the Healthy Ride Bike Sharing Stations around the city, and even in Oakland. Take them through the paved trails in Schenley park or cruise down the streets for a more active date option with the 30 minutes to 60 minutes rental times. One perk is that no matter how far you venture, just return the bike to any sharing station in the city and you are good to go! It’s easily one of the best date ideas near The University of Pittsburgh and a great way to see the city.

Bike sharing is one of the best cheap and fun date ideas near The University of Pittsburgh!

14. Thrifting in Thriftsburgh.

The University of Pittsburgh is known for our unique features from the impressive Cathedral of Learning to the intense research and discovery legacy that the science and engineering departments boast. But one of the most different traits of our school is the University run thrift shop named Thriftsburgh. Thrifting is a great way to buy cheap, one-of-a-kind clothing pieces so why not check it out with your S.O.? Located in the back of the O’Hara building, it offers to be a one of a kind date no matter what.


15. There are plenty of free off-campus museums.

Want more adventurous, free, entertaining options? With a Pitt ID you have access to them through the five off campus museums at no cost to yourself- even transportation with the PAT buses is taken care of! The list includes the Andy Warhol Museum, Mattress Factory (a modern art museum), the Carnegie Science Center, the Heinz History Center, and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall. Lose yourself in art, history, and science together and take advantage of the perks of dating in college while you can!

What are your favorite date ideas near The University of Pittsburgh? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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