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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of Oregon

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near The University Of Oregon

Need date ideas near the University of Oregon? We've got you covered. Here are 15 cheap date ideas near the University of Oregon that you'll have fun doing.

Finding a good place to go on a date in Eugene can be kinda difficult, especially if you have a tight college budget. There are many hidden places around the University of Oregon to go out on a date, no matter if it’s your first date or your fifteenth. Keep reading to find out the 15 best cheap date ideas near the University of Oregon.

1. Hiking Spencers Butte to get some fresh Eugene air.

Perfect for first date conversations while watching the sunrise or sunset. Hike up with blankets and get cuddled up and look over all of beautiful Eugene.

2. Eat tasty pizza at Sizzle Pie.

Sizzle Pie is the perfect pizza place for a date, you can get a slice of pizza for under three dollars! Also, they have vegan options so everyone can enjoy it, I mean who doesn’t love pizza? Another one of the greatest date ideas near the University of Oregon.


3. Float the Willamette River and splash around.

Floating the river is such a fun thing to do on a hot nice day in Eugene. Get some cute floaties and go adventure with your cute date.

4. Get some crazy donuts at Voodoo Donuts.

Voodoo is known for their bizarre donuts and they have such a wide variety, go get some donuts and spend the day walking around the amazing downtown Eugene

5. Walk through the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on a rainy day.

The University of Oregon art museum is a hidden treasure. It is free to go to for students and has gorgeous art exhibits.


6. Get dollar beers at Taylor’s.

For everyone 21 Taylor’s is a common spot to be. If your date likes the party scene take them to Taylor’s on a Wednesday night for cheap beers for fun date ideas near the University of Oregon.

7. Support your school! Watch one of the student run plays.

The UO theater department puts on amazing plays and shows, and for students, they are usually free or very cheap! Go and support some of your fellow students.

8.  Who doesn’t love picnics? Have a picnic in the Memorial Quad on campus.

Picnics are always so cute and romantic! This will be the perfect date and its right in the heart of campus.


9. Go classic and get tater tots at McMenamins.

McMenamins is a really interesting restaurant, they have pool and shuffle board and really cheap food. The best thing on the menu is the Cajun tots, so bring a date and get some yummy food.

10. Let’s get craft and go to the UO Craft Center.

The craft center is a really amazing place on campus to go and get creative, it is free for students all you have to do is buy the supplies. Go make something amazing with your date.

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11. Get a little scared! Walk through the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery.

Right through campus is a cemetery which may sound creepy for a date, but it is full of history. You and your date can get cuddled up and walk through the beautiful cemetery and through campus.

12. Go get Sushi at Sushi Island.

Sushi Island is a crazy sushi bar in Eugene where they have a sushi conveyor belt. Another perk is the sushi is under two dollars during happy hour!


13. Watch an Indie film at the Bijou theater.

The Bijou theater has such interesting films for such a low price. Movies are a great date to escape some of the Eugene rain too!

14. Take a Sunset bike ride through downtown Eugene.

Eugene has bike paths all through out town so a bike ride is perfect. Go enjoy a nice warm Eugene night and ride bikes while watching the sun go down.

15. Nothing is better than the Ducks! Go watch a Ducks game.

The Oregon Ducks games are free for students and great fun! Perfect to go on a group date and have an awesome time with your date and some friends.

Let us know what you think about these date ideas near the University of Oregon! Drop us a line!!
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