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15 Cheap and Fun Date Ideas Near Temple University

15 Cheap and Fun Date Ideas Near Temple University


Going on dates can be both fun and stressful. You want to be original, not predictable. I personally like to come up with my own date ideas rather than waiting for guys to make the plan. In that case, I can make sure I’m not overdressing myself. Ladies, here’s how you make sure you have cheap and fun date ideas near Temple University.

1. Berry Beach Picnic

If it’s nice outside, make some sandwiches and go out with your boo. You never get to have a picnic in college. So why not have it with your boo?

2. Library Date

I wouldn’t recommended Tech Center. You’ll see too many people you know. That place is like a meeting place. If you want to study or just spend some time together then I would go to the Paley Library.


3. Center City

It’s about 15 minutes away from Temple University by Septa. You can walk around center city with your date and grab some coffee. It’s very pretty at night. You can visit Love Park as well.

4. Chinatown

It’s walkable, but you can also take Septa or Uber. Restaurants and cafes are cheap in Chinatown. I recommend T-swirl. Their crepes are amazing.

5. Maxi’s

If you and your date are both over 21, definitely try Maxi’s on Liacouras Walk. It’s on campus, meaning it’s cheap. Even if you’re not 21, you can grab some pizzas.


6. Saxby’s

It’s on Liacouras Walk as well. Tech Starbucks is always busy so, it’s better to go to Saxby’s. You should avoid 10 to 11AM because they’re very very busy.

7. Masters Bar and Restaurant

Again, if you and your date are both over 21, try Masters. They do things like half priced wings and $1 beers, 8-12. Always look out for those events to save money.

8. Barnes and Noble

It’s on Broad Street. It’s not that busy. You can get drinks and chat about books with your date. They have magazines as well so, we can just relax and read magazines with your date.


9. Lunch Date Outside Tech

There’s a small food court area next to Tech Center. If you and your date both have busy schedules, you can have a quick lunch date. You can sit on the bench with your date and eat. I recommend Richie’s iced coffee. It’s very good.

10. South Street

South Street is known as date place. There’s Magic Garden, restaurants, and dessert shops. You can have a romantic walk with your date.

11. Movies

You can go to AMC Broadstreet 7 which is across from Morgan Hall. This is a classic date, but nothing wrong with that!

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12. Sports

You can go to sporting events for free! If you and your date are into sports and want to show some school spirit then this is the right date.


13. Boathouse Row

This place is absolutely stunning. I would say go at night because the lighting is beautiful. It’s very romantic. It stretches from the Philadelphia Museum Of Art to the Falls Bridge.

14. Netflix and Chill

I wouldn’t recommend this as a first date, but this is the classic millennial date. It’s incredibly cheap and you can pretty much do this anywhere.

15. Whatever

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you’re doing it with the right person.

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