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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ole Miss (U Mississippi)

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ole Miss (U Mississippi)

There are so many cheap and fun ideas that anybody can do to help save money so they don't have to break the piggy bank that they've had for 13 years now. Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

College students always talk about how broke they are and complain about how they have to pay for everything so they can never take their special person to a nice place but that’s not true. There are so many cheap and fun ideas that anybody can do to help save money so they don’t have to break the piggy bank that they’ve had for 13 years now. Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

1. Bowling at Premier Lanes

Bowling is a fun thing to do that doesn’t cost much money at all. At Premier Lanes there are always great deals going on to keep your wallet and yourself happy. Premier Lanes is right off of the highway making the drive only 10 minutes away from campus.

Fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

2. Arcade at Premier Lanes

If you aren’t a big bowling person then that’s okay because Premier Lanes also has an arcade inside. You can go and purchase a game card and play games all night long and in the end, go and look at the prizes and see what you can win. If you get hungry then you’re covered because there is a food and drink station just outside of the arcade area so you can snack up while you rack up points. It’s a win-win.

3. Movies

Luckily for us, Oxford has two movie theaters. One off of Jackson Avenue and the other right off of Highway 9 beside Premier Lanes. Movies are an easy cheap date idea, you get to go and enjoy each others company while watching a movie that y’all have been waiting to see. Don’t want to spend money on a fancy restaurant? Popcorn and soda is a great combination and makes anybody happier.

4. Picnic at Lamar Park or even the Grove

A picnic is a simple but very romantic thing for a date idea. Picnics are very subtle but it’s the thought that counts and something about picnics are very romantic. If you don’t want to make something or don’t have money for a meal then a simple trip to the Ole Miss Student Union is no problem. You get food that you want without having to get the same thing and also get to use a meal plan so you aren’t wasting them and have extras in the end. You can get romantic when it comes to date ideas near Ole Miss!

5. Sardis Lake

Sardis Lake is a very quiet place that can be relaxing. You can come at night and have a picnic while watching the stars/ sunset/ sunrise. It’s an easy thing and doesn’t cost any money at all.

6. Game Nights

Game nights are a very fun thing to do. It’s simple but you can get the best conversations and that’s when you find the true self of someone and figure out their true personality. It can be from board games to card games to even the Wii, its something fun and entertaining.

7. Volunteer at the local animal shelter

Nothing makes a girl happier than a puppy, so take her to the local animal shelter and enjoy the company of all the adorable animals that they have to offer. You might not get your girlfriend to leave or hear the end of how much she wants to adopt a dog but it’ll make her/any person happy to just be around fuzzy little animals for a couple of hours.

8. The University of Mississippi Museum

The University of Mississippi Museum is right on campus so no traveling involved. There are trials that you can go on, places to see and simply the museum where you can see painting and sculptures. They also offer fun deals such as free sketch Fridays, Brown Bag lecture series and opportunities for families to experience.

Fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

9. Brunch on the Square

Everybody loves a good brunch. The word itself makes it seem much fancier than it really is. Any place on the Square is good to eat, some pricier than others, but everywhere is good and delicious.

10. Ice Cream on the Square

Ya Ya’s, Insomnia, Bookstore on the corner, all these places have ice cream you can simply just go and grab to eat while walking the square and people watching. It’s a cheap date but fun to do because who doesn’t love ice cream? The square is a fun place to be at and you will definitely not get bored while you’re there.

11. For the 21-year-olds and up, Roosters

Wanna show off your amazing signing? Roosters is the place for you. Wednesday nights at Roosters is the place to be if you wanna make everybody jealous with your great singing. Roosters is a bar on the square and in order to get in you have to be 21 years old and up. It’s an entertaining place to be every night but Wednesdays are a fun time for laughs and giggles.

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Fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

12. Roller skating/ Ice Skating

Although Oxford doesn’t have an ice skating or a roller rink Tupelo does. Tupelo is only 45 minutes away so it’s not too bad for a date night. You can test your balance while trying to be the better one in the relationship showing off your skills while trying hard not to fall over and embarrass yourself. It’s a cute and fun date option.

13. Concerts/ show

Tupelo/ Jackson/ Memphis is the closest things around Oxford to go to a concert or to see a show production (not ones made with Ole Miss students). Tupelo has some dance productions throughout the year and same with Jackson. Memphis might be a bit far with it being 1.5 hours away but there is always stuff happening in Memphis.

14. Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is one of the best in the country. Ranking at number 13 the zoo is always a good idea. It’s a fun idea and you get to see all the animals you don’t get to see on a daily basis. Don’t forget to bring your Apple watch to count all your steps you’ll take in and to see how much you’ve burned in just that day. There are date ideas near Ole Miss that also double as great exercise!

Fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

15. Memphis Sports

Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, etc. Attending a sporting event can be a bit pricey but don’t pick the best seats, instead pick middle or even up top. You’ll still be able to see everything so why spend over $70 when you can just spend $45 on seats higher up but still seeing everything. You can still find cheap versions of these date ideas near Ole Miss.

Fun date ideas near Ole Miss.

What do you think of these date ideas near Ole Miss? Let us know in the comments below!
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