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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ohio University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ohio University

There are so many great date ideas near Ohio University that won't break the bank. If you're looking for cheap and fun dates, we have you covered.

Coming up with fun date ideas can be tricky, especially if you’re a broke college student. But look no further. Even though Ohio University isn’t in the city, there’s still plenty to do! Say goodbye to the’Netflix and Chill’ slump and hello to these fun and flirty date ideas near Ohio University.

1. Movie night at the Fun Barn.

It’s not everywhere that you can get a movie ticket for just $4. The Fun Barn has regular showings of all the movies you’d find in any other theater, just way cheaper. To make the deal even better, most snacks and drinks will only cost you about $1. And after the movie, you can end the night with tons of fun arcade games located right there, in the building.

2. Coffee shop date Donkey.

This is for all the Athens hipsters out there. This homey, little coffee shop offers locally grown, organic coffee with a touch of love. There is plenty of seating and an outdoor balcony area, if you’re looking for a little more privacy. And if you’re feeling extra playful, resting on the bookshelves throughout Donkey, there are dozens of board games to choose from.



3. 50 Cent Slice Night at Courtside.

Arguably not the most romantic spot on Court Street, but it’s perfect for a casual date night. Every Wednesday from 6-9 you can snag a slice of ‘za’ for only 50 cents, $1 if you want pepperoni. And for those of you over 21, you’re in luck. You’ll get there right in time for happy hour.



4. Spend the afternoon at Stroud’s Run.

Perfect for the outdoorsy couple. Ohio University lies just 15 minutes away from this scenic state park. You and your date can take a fun and free hike along the trails, go to the beach, or even rent a kayak for the day. Pack a picnic for that extra touch.



5. Sip margaritas and enjoy Open Mic Night at Casa Nueva.

Casa Nueva is a Mexican restaurant right uptown. Every Wednesday night, starting at 10, Casa offers 1$ off their house made margaritas. You can sip those delicious ‘margs’ while listening to talented, local musicians at Open Mic Night. Best part, no cover charge!

6. Enjoy the sunset on top of Bong Hill.

This hike is a bit trickier than Stroud’s, but oh so worth it. Bong Hill is located off Long Run Road. Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll find a clearing to sit and look over Ohio University and all of her glory. If you time it right, you can see the sunset behind campus. Just make sure you don’t stay too long after. Hiking down the hill in the dark is a recipe for disaster. For directions, click here.


7. Ice Skating at Bird Arena.

It might be getting warm outside, but you can stay cool on the ice. We’ve all admired the hockey team skate around Bird, but not everyone knows the arena offers open skating to students. This is a great way to build up those leg muscles while having fun with your date.


8. Cuddle puppies instead of your date at Petland.

Nothing says lovin’ like puppies. After a quick drive down State Street, the two of you can play with all the puppies you want. The employees at Petland will set you up in a cubicle and give you lots of toys for the puppies to play with. They’re sure to get you in the snuggling mood.



9. Wine night at Zoe Fine Dining.

Zoe offers contemporary French American cuisine with elegant atmosphere. Normally this option is a bit on the pricier side. But because we are in Athens, they offer a great deal. On Tuesdays, you and your date can share a half priced bottle of wine with dinner. This is perfect for those special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, if you don’t want to break the bank.

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10. Take a fitness class at Ping.

This date is definitely for the sportier couple. Taking classes with your S.O. is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone, learn something new and have fun! Ping Recreational Center offers classes ranging from Zumba, to Power Yoga, to Six Pack Attack and more.

11. Do dinner and a show!

Here at Ohio University, we are lucky to have such an awesome theater program. Every semester, summer included, the College of Fine Arts puts on plays that are free for students. Though it’s obviously not Broadway, talented students and faculty members put on a great show. Start your evening off with a 2$ craft beers during Power Hour, from 7-8 PM, at Jackie O’s for the ultimate night on the town.

12. Throwback Thursday at Rollerbowl Lanes.

Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned bowling? Located right on Palmer Street, you’re a quick walk from this BYOB bowling alley. Yes, I did say BYOB. Drink up and hit the lanes for Throwback Thursday. Games are only $2! Plus, you’ll hear 80’s music all night, so get your Dirty Dancing on.


13. Ice cream date at Whit’s Frozen Custard.

It’s 100% acceptable to break your spring break diet if it happens at Whit’s. The frozen custard here is to die for, and totally worth the calories. You and your date can split a sundae, or get your own. Whit’s also has outdoor tables, so you can people watch while you enjoy dessert.


14. Pack a picnic on College Green.

This is so simple, yet so romantic. Grab a big blanket, a picnic basket, and pack up some sandwiches. You two can enjoy each other’s company with this intimate evening on College Green. I would recommend waiting until classes let out for the day so it’s a bit more private.


15. Belt it out and impress your bae at Karaoke Night.

Wednesday nights, Red Brick Tavern puts on their weekly Karaoke Night. It might take one or two of those $5 mega mugs to get you and your date up on stage, but once you do, you’re sure to have a blast.

What are your favorite date ideas near Ohio University? Comment below!
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