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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ohio State University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ohio State University

There’s PLENTY to do in the good ol’ city of Columbus, even as a broke college student. Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Ohio State University!

Alright kids, enough of this “Netflix and Chill” bull crap….I don’t care if it’s with your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your moms in town, or your pet hedgehog name Shaq, there’s PLENTY to do in the good ol’ city of Columbus. Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Ohio State University!

1. Buy one get one Thursdays at Evolved

You can hold each others hand while having needles shoved through your skin 🙂 how romantic!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.50.00 PM

2. Go to the (oval) beach

If and only if its nice out. You may even get lucky and see “bag pipe guy” or play with someone’s cute puppy


Instagram courtesy of: @alex_siford18

3. Go mocking

You guessed it, slang for going hammocking. Just remember to tie it tight enough….don’t want to get a broken arm from falling out of a hammock on the first date

4. If you’re 21, make a drink only out of the items you have around you

Get creative. Who knows maybe your toothpaste will be a great chaser???


For obvious reasons. You get to see their cute butt in some shorts and it’ll probably make you want to workout harder. Win win.

6. Study Date

Sometimes this will just have to do. Maybe you can share headphones and listen to music together while you type that research paper you forgot to do. Ooooh la la.

7. Listen to a podcast

Hear me out here. After you’ve gone through every single show on Netflix…twice….you need something new. Podcasts can be so interesting. There’s people who do stand up comedy, talk shows, tell scary/ creepy murder stories, etc. I listen to them when I walk to class even. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

8. Buckeye Donuts

Um hi who doesn’t love a good donut?

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.34.23 PM

Instagram courtesy of: @buckeye_donuts


9. HP Marathon

Shout out to all my Harry Potter nerds!

10. Prank Call People

Call in sick to jobs you don’t have. It’s awesome.

11. Nap

Cuddle up and get cozy. Maybe even make a fort out of sheets and blankets


Once again, who doesn’t love a good pizza?

13. Condados

Talk about life over margs, queso, and tacos, por favor y gracias.

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14. ARC Rock Climbing

FUN FACT: if you’ve been living under a rock like me (lol get it?) then let me enlighten that there is a freaking ROCK CLIMBING WALL at the ARC!!! Go be adventurous!

15. The Whisper Challenge

This is actually the most fun game ever. One of you puts headphones on and blares music. The other person mouths a sentence and the headphone wearer tries to guess what you’re saying. The random shit they think they see you saying will have you doubling over in laughter.


Catch the Sunset

You might just snap a kick ass photo like this

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.59.00 PM


This is what I mean when people say “Let’s do lunch!” or “Let’s get coffee” but plot twist, you ACTUALLY go!!! Fox in the Snow Café or Mission Coffee are the bomb.

If all else fails, then FINE, you can watch Netflix. But promise me you’ll at least give The Great British Baking Show a shot. Mary Berry is the cutest.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.01.52 PM

Now go have fun with your person or pet or imaginary friend whoever it may be!!!

Do you have any other cheap and fun date ideas near Ohio State University? Comment below!
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