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15 Affordable And Fun Date Ideas Near Loyola University Chicago

15 Affordable And Fun Date Ideas Near Loyola University Chicago

These date ideas near Loyola University Chicago are cheap and fun. These cheap college date ideas for LUC are great for all students. Check out these dates.
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As a college student, you most likely are broke. But you most likely will want to go on a date somewhere. Maybe a romantic date, with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe a platonic date, with a good friend. But don’t get stuck in traveling an hour by train or dropping hella $$$ on a date or treating your date to McDonald’s for the fourth time in a row. Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Loyola University Chicago.

1. New 400 Theater

For the classic movie date. Here, you get $1 off with your student ID, to make it even cheaper. On Wednesdays, the normal tickets are discounted as well. Going to see the newest movie is always a classic thing to do, and then you have a conversation starter.

2. Lickity Split

Just down Broadway, there’s a cute, old fashioned dessert shop. With ice cream and other desserts, it’s guaranteed a sweet date.


3. Gordo’s Homemade Ice Cream Bars

This is for a dessert based unusual date. Here, you have a variety of ice cream bar bases and then you can pick toppings to go on top. Good news to everyone dairy free: they have non-dairy bars!

4. Millenium Park

This a bit stereotypical for Chicago, but still fun. Go when it’s nice out and watch the tourists get pictures in front of the Bean. You can bring food, or buy some fast food for a picnic. Maybe there’s a movie or a show going on.


5. Clarke’s

Great for a late-night date. It’s open until 3 am, with a wide array of food. It may seem expensive, but the portions are usually pretty big so you’ll have leftovers. Plus, the milkshakes are good if you want to pretend you’re actually in Pop’s Diner.

6. Improv Olympic

Located off North/Clyborn, a lot of SNL legends have trained here. While the more popular shows range from $15-30, the Harold teams are just as good and only about $5. This is great for a casual date while still incredibly entertaining.


7. Second City

Tickets here cost a bit more than iO, with the cheaper shows running at about $15. But there is a lot more to choose from and you’ll still be entertained. Second City is in Old Town, so there’s plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from if you want dinner or drinks before or after the show.

8. Bulldogs

Bulldogs is a pub-style restaurant with outdoor seating and ridiculously good deals every day. If it’s not on sale, the food and drinks are a bit on the pricy for a college student side. So just check the deals ahead of time.


9. Metropolis

Metropolis is a cute coffee shop. Sometimes I’ll take myself on a study date here. But this is great for a first or second date, to get to know one another. This is one of the perfect date ideas near Loyola University Chicago for those who are very lowkey.

10. Damen Cinema

If you don’t want to spend money at New 400, check out Damen Cinema! DOP plays movies every Thursday and Friday, unless it’s a special occasion then they’ll have a movie on Saturday as well. It’s free with your student ID. If you don’t want the night to end there, then go to the food court, grab something, and hang out in Damen, just talking.

11. Ireland’s

The bar located in the basement of Damen is great, even if you’re not 21. Come here after a movie, or just on any night of the week. Grab a drink if the bar is open, hang out on the chairs, or grab ping pong paddles or stuff for pool from the desk on the first floor. A great way to hang out, get to know each other, and spend a minimal amount of money.

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12. Any park or beach

Chicago has a lot of parks and beaches. You can spend a whole day hanging out, playing games.


13. Friends Ramen

A hidden restaurant by the WTC, it’s great ramen for low prices. It’s very low maintenance and casual. But, if you don’t like ramen or want something nicer, Friends Sushi is right down the street. Slightly more expensive, and nicer, it’s still great for a date.

14. Lincoln Park Conservatory

It’s free and a pretty botanical garden. What more do you want for a date? It’s a great photo opportunity too.

15. SNL Museum

This is kind of pricey, but it’s fun if you like Saturday Night Live. Student tickets are $20 and there’s so much from the history of the show. It’s been open for a month and is only here for a limited time. This is one of the best date ideas near Loyola University Chicago.


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