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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Kansas State University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Kansas State University


If you want to take your significant other on a date but don’t have much in your wallet, here are some cool places to visit without spending more than 10 dollars max! Fortunately there are plenty of great places for cheap and fun date ideas near Kansas State University!

1. Manhattan Hill

If you want to get a full view of Manhattan, Manhattan hill is the place to go. It’s an easy drive to the top and 2 min to walk to the sign. A great way to spend some alone time with your date and with a great view in the background.



2. Call Hall Ice Cream

Great quality ice cream made here in Manhattan that has been served for 21 years with 40 flavors available. The most popular is vanilla however, but you can’t beat a local dairy bar. It’s located mid campus on Mid Campus drive and Claflin Ave.


3. Carmike Seth Childs 12

Movie dates sound cliche, but they are having a special for 2 dollar tickets a person for any day and any time! Can’t beat that deal.




4. Kanza Prairie

If homework or finals are getting to you and you want to get away for a bit, then this is the place. It’s a place to embrace the natural beauty of the plains.



5. Varsity Donuts

It’s a great place for when you both have a sweet tooth without breaking the bank. With a great selection of donuts and other sweets you can never say no! There is also some board games while you enjoy the best donuts in Kansas.



6. K-State Sporting Events

If you couldn’t attend the football or basketball games because it was a bit pricey, you and your date can definitely attend other sporting games for cheaper! For the fall, volleyball is a popular event many people attend and in the spring, baseball is another favorite. You can also get  student discount at any of these events!


7. Hale Library (study date)

If you both are just too busy to go on a date, luckily K-State has one of the most beautiful libraries that you can focus on school and have some quality time. If you get a little hungry, Einstein Bros is easily available and located in the basement.


8. Radina’s Coffee date

For you coffee lovers out there, this is the place to be and is local everywhere around campus. You and your date can stop by real quick and have a quick chat and then head right back to class.

9. Theater Date

McCain Auditorium is great for couples who like to enjoy something different from your typical dates. If you and your date love musicals, broad way shows and live music events, this is the place to be. All the seats are get and you get student discounts when you buy your tickets.



10. Anneberg Park

A great local park that serves a variety of sporting hobbies such as batting cages, mini golf, and fields for a disc golf and soccer. You can even make this a group date if you want to be start teams against each other.


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11. Bowling at the Student Union

If you are competitive, then this is the place for you. In the basement of the Student Union, there is a bowling alley along with some pool tables and you can both play against each other. Also, on Mondays there is 1 dollar bowling.


12. Tuttle Creek

When the weather starts to get too hot, Tuttle Creek lake is a great way too cool off for the both of you. If you would like to have a picnic near the lake then this is perfect. For the rest of the year you can still go and enjoy a nice view but you might want to bundle up a bit.


13. Linear Trail

This trail is perfect for an afternoon walk, and you also to get to cross a rustic bridge. Everyone loves to come here and take pictures and really enjoy the peaceful time.


14. Pillsbury Crossing

Everyone knows when it heats up a little, the place to be is Pillsbury Crossing. With a low crossing river, you can both enjoy some sun and if one of you has a dog, this a great place to take them!


15. The Rec

If you want to play some beach volleyball or some rock climbing, the rec is a great place to visit. You don’t have to bring your own equipment all you have to bring is your A-game.



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