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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Arizona State University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Arizona State University

Wanting to do something creative and fun with your S.O. for date night? We all need a little help thinking of memorable ways to spend time with your favorite person every now & then. Even for just a night out with that cute girl from math class, here are a few cheap & super fun date ideas near Arizona State University for us college students in Tempe!

1. Take a bike ride to Tempe Town Beach Park

Bike riding down Mill Ave. will lead you to Tempe Town Beach Park, which is an absolutely adorable place to go to with your crush. It is close and free, and what can be better than that? It is the perfect place to throw a frisbee and play around or just watch the sunset on a cozy blanket. The possibilities are endless.

2. Hit the lanes

In the basement of the MU, they have bowling all nights of the week, and for a few bucks too. It’s like two dollar Tuesdays but for every night of the week! For ASU students it’s only $1.75 a game, and for non ASU students it’s only $2.00 a game. Not to mention they have cosmic bowling, which only makes it a hundred times better.


3. Kayaking on Tempe Town Lake

Paddle boarding, one person, or two person kayaking  is available on Tempe Town Lake ranging from $23-$33. It’s a fun idea to take your crush on adventurous date!

4. Taco Tuesday!!

Any Tuesday Fuzzy’s Tacos on Mill Ave. always does the taco Tuesday special. Like yummy Mexican food and not spending a fortune on dinner? This is the perfect place to go!

5. DGAF Date

On Valentine’s Day I saw a couple on campus in their comfy PJ’s jamming to music and dancing together. If you’re comfortable with your crush or significant other, why not just stroll around and listen to your favorite jams together at night on campus when no one is out and about.


6. Hike A Mountain

If you’re into beautiful views of all of Tempe as your background for the cute pic you take at the top, A Mountain is the date for you. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to the top so it’s not too harsh and sweaty, you will still look cute for your insta. Cool way to get to know one another better and get tan & fit doing so!

7. Late Night Pancake Run

Hungry at a late hour? Call your S.O. & make them take you to IHOP. It’s a five minute walk from campus and you can totally go in your comfiest set of clothes. Nothing is more fun than a spontaneous adventure with your significant other and not to mention FOOD!

8. Mill Avenue Bridge

The Mill Avenue Bridge at night is the picture-perfect romantic movie scene. Instead of long walks on the beach take a long stroll across the bridge with your date while admiring the gorgeous lights all around you. Not to mention it’s completely free.


9. Play Basketball

Pick a nearby basketball court and ball up with your date. Nothing is more fun than beating your man in sports. Or if you don’t know much about basketball, maybe he can help with that & give you a few pointers. Either way it can be a fun, playful thing to do.

10. A Traditional Picnic

A picnic!! A date that has been around for years and never goes out of style. There are so many cute places around ASU to have a picnic at. It can be as simple as grabbing an uncrustable from the POD and sitting on the grass outside of Gammage where all the palm trees are. It is really beautiful outside, so take advantage of it!


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11. Movie Date!

There is an AMC theatre right off of Mill Ave, that is walking distance from ASU! Take your crush to a movie, or 50 Shades Darker while it is still in theatres to get the romantic message across that you are her Christian Grey. She will be yours.  

12. Mill Avenue

A place us ASU student’s know all too well, and super close by as I have mentioned before. Walking around Mill can be fun when you stop into stores or see what kind of night life is going on past some of the homeless people that live on the corners. Not to mention the famous Slickables is on Mill, and a delicious icecream sandwich place that won’t break the bank!

13. Sports Game

Go out and support your athletic Sundevils at a game with your significant other! All year round, there are either football, basketball, and baseball games going on, depending what season it is. It is free for all ASU students, so a cheap and close by event for you to go on a date on would be at a game, if you both are into watching sports.


14. Zoyo!

Zoyo frozen yogurt is honestly my favorite place on this entire Tempe campus. They have the best flavors (salted caramel) and it’s a yummy treat to share with a cute boy.

15. A Night In

Who doesn’t love a night in? In sweatpants with your hair up & your favorite person. You can binge watch Netflix, snuggle, eat popcorn all night, play board games, whatever you guys like to do to relax and just have fun!



What are your favorite date ideas near Arizona State University? Comment below!
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