The Top 5 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For You And Your SO

If you are like most other couples, you are in love with romance too. However, the false impressions of date nights are that they could get very expensive.

As you struggle to pay off that student loan or are saving up for a down payment, you might feel you do not have enough money for a date. Not always true, here are five cheap, fun and romantic date ideas that help you reconnect with your partner, keeping the spark of your relationship and your savings, alive.

Go on a Day Trip

If you are located close to a major city or places of attractions, a road trip could be a great date idea for you. At just the cost of the gas, you would need to drive there, you may bring food for home and make it a perfect, romantic little getaway.

Do your quick research about the places of attractions or other places to visit around your area. Going to a beach could be a good idea, but remember to carry your sunscreen and a sheet.

The Top 5 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For You And Your SO

Go for a Hike

For all the nature lovers out there, a hike with your better half is a great and relaxing or challenging date idea, depending on the type of trail you pick.

Hikes can include a variety of landforms and nature. A trail that leads to a waterfall or even a beautiful romantic view will be worth the hike. Usually, such places may not have great reception, so without the interruption of those electronics, you and your partner will get to spend quality time with one another.

You can admire the beauty of nature as you help one another jump over the rocky ways and make it to your destination. Most hikes are free of cost, except for the nominal parking you might have to pay. Get your own food, in a backpack so you can move around easily, and enjoy this low budget, high interaction date with your loved one.

The Top 5 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For You And Your SO

Get in Touch With Your Creative Side

When was the last time you picked up colours and let your heart out? no matter how bad you are at art, playing with colours can be very relaxing and satisfying.

Get in touch with your creative side and bring some playfulness in your life. You both can just go wild with what you want to paint or make. However, some more specific ideas could be buying an adult colouring book that both of you can colour. You can also try sketching cartoon versions of one another, or pick one of your favourite photos, edit it to a mere outline, print it out and colour it.

The Top 5 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For You And Your SO

Have a Picnic in the Park

I know, this may sound super cliché, BUT a picnic date in the park is a classic, romantic date idea that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Make food from home, maybe each of you cooks the other one’s favourite dish, or even cook together before you leave for your picnic. Also carry some snacks and beverages, of course, with some activities you may do. You can carry a pack of cards, a ball or badminton rackets, depending on your personal preferences.

You may also want a blanket, sheet and even foldable chairs if needed and enjoy your lunch date talking, savouring the food and people watching.

The Top 5 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For You And Your SO

Take a Scenic Drive

Long or not so long, drives have always been romantic. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can explore your surroundings by driving.

Take a scenic drive around your city, just you and your soul mate, some romantic music and those deep conversations. Almost every drive during the autumn looks beautiful, driving by a highway near the coast during summer/spring, or driving around to see the well lit and decorated houses in the holiday season.

The Top 5 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For You And Your SO

Let us know how you plan a cheap and fun date with your better half in the comments below.

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