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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around WVU

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around WVU

From adventurous dates rock climbing to more romantic dates at the Forks and Cheat Winery, these are the 15 best date ideas around WVU!

College can be scary, especially when you start off knowing nobody. But finding someone to go through those four years with can make everything so much more bearable. Morgantown has the cutest places to take your friends or partner that will by far exceed everyone’s friendship/relationship goals. Here are the 15 best date ideas around WVU!

1. Be The Maniac Of All Maniacs

So maybe going shirtless and painting yourself gold and blue in front of your date isn’t exactly you, but being apart of the Mountaineer Maniacs can still be a great experience. Not only do these maniacs do some hardcore tailgating, but they take roadtrips together to support West Virginia’s very own. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more romantic than singing Country Roads Take Me Home with that special someone.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

2. Visit The Botanic Garden

One of the VERY many upsides of living in West Virginia, specifically Morgantown, is the scenic views all around you. Morgantown has beautiful mountains and nature attractions. The Botanic Gardens is a large garden that has beautiful plant life and animals for everyone to see. Nothing is cuter than taking your crush on a date and hand picking her flowers.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

3. Munch Out At Pies And Pints

Pizza is the way to anyones heart, and beer is for sure the way to a man’s heart as well. At Pies and Pints you can have custom made gourmet pizza’s for a great price. All you do is let them know what kind of pizza it is that you want and within minutes it is served up nice and hot. But if you’re a plain Jane, like myself, then don’t worry because they have regular cheese pizzas that are just as delicious.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

4. Take A Quick Dip

If it’s getting hot in Morgantown and you’re missing that summer lake house you always go to, then you may want to consider taking a nice dip in Sunset Beach Marina. There are a plethora of activities for a very low price; Canoeing, kayaking, tubing, swimming, wake boarding, and more! Think about it, what screams attractive more than face planting into the water after falling off the tube?!

15 best date ideas around WVU!

5. Hold On Tight For White Water Rafting

I wasn’t kidding when I told you to hold on tight! White water rafting is one of the amazing adventures that WVU has to offer for absolutely no cost. So if you’re ever feeling a little adventurous and daring, then take a trip down to the rough waters; it’s 90% fun and 10% holding on for dear life.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

6. Use That Upper Body Strength

Many of you may be thinking this is insane, and it is, but crazy is fun! Rock climbing is very common in West Virginia, seeing as we have some of the most beautiful mountains the country has to offer. Free range climbing maybe be a bit of a stretch, (see what I did there). But if you want to try something new without going too far out of your comfort zone, WVU has it’s very own rock climbing wall! It may look easy, but trust me, it’s not.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

7. Take A Sip (Or A Few)

If you’re of the age and are looking for a fancier date with that special someone, what’s more romantic than wine and a view. Just 15 short minutes outside of campus you can enjoy a winery that is all the rave. Forks and Cheat Winery is a 4.8 star rated restaurant that is the perfect place to have a fun and romantic time with your significant other.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

8. Take A Break From Dorm Food

Let’s be honest, at one point or another we have dreaded eating dorm food more than anything. But then again, being in college means being broke. The Farmer’s Market is always a good choice and is usually affordable! You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables to take back home to give your taste buds a nice little vacation from that dorm food you’ve been eating since August.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

9. Score A Turkey (I’m Not Talking About Food)

Sooooo, unless you go to High Point University, the odds of your campus having a bowling alley are slim to none. But lucky for us Mountaineers, we have the privilege of having a bowling alley right here in Morgantown. Suburban Bowling Lanes, only 7 minutes away from campus, is a great way to get out and do something fun with your friends.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

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10. Embrace Your Inner Caveman

If this beautiful picture of Laurel Caverns doesn’t make you fall in love, I don’t know what will. This incredible view is a short 40 minutes away from campus and 100% worth the drive! Take that special someone there and become 21st century cavemen (and women of course) in the most luxurious cave there around.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

11. Become The Next Tiger Woods

Golfing may be one of the most unentertaining sports to watch and play but, it’s younger brother mini-golf is a hell of a good time. Though Coal Country Miniature Golf is located in Fairmount, WV, which is a good 30 minute drive from Morgantown. With Batting cages and 18 holes on the course, it is a place you won’t forget. Just make sure to score a few hole in ones so you have bragging rights on the ride home.

12. Get A Look At More Animals Than Just Your Cat

If you happen to live off campus and have a cute little pet dog or cat, seeing them everyday will make it hard for you to believe that there are other animals cuter than them. But Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo is here to prove you wrong! This fascinating zoo has all types of animals ranging from White Bangel Tigers to Buffalo’s.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

13. Feel Like You’re On Top Of The World

Like I mentioned before, Morgantown is a beautiful part of West Virginia. Mountains are what WV is known for. Hiking is an awesome activity to partake in so you can get the best possible view of our mesmerizing state.

14. Disc Golf??????

Anybody remember that episode of Zoey 101 where they played this wacky game of disc golf in order to beat the prisoners? Well if you do, now you can live out the episode by heading to the Disc Golf Scene, also in Fairmont. All you have to do is toss a frisbee into a chain net in the least amount of throws as possible. Trust me when I tell you that it is MUCH harder than it may sound.

15 best date ideas around WVU!

15. Catch A Showtime Production

Though first dates to the movies are completely cliche and absolutely pointless, if you’re looking for something easy to do, the Movie theatre is the way to go! For about $20 you can go catch that movie you’ve been dying to see for weeks now. Hey, if it reunited┬áDanny Zuko and Olsson, then it will totally help you score that crush of yours.

15 best date ideas around WVU!
Do you have any other cheap and fun date ideas near WVU!? Share in the comments below!

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