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20 Cheap & Festive Items To Decorate Your Dorm For Christmas
Dorm looking a little drab this holiday season? Check out this list of 20 cheap and festive items to decorate your dorm this Christmas!

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It is proven to be America’s favorite holiday, with Thanksgiving following closely behind. But when you’re away at college, it’s easy to lose some of that holiday cheer as final exams loom around the corner. In order to keep those Christmas spirits high, here are 20 cheap and festive items to decorate your dorm for Christmas and make sure you don’t forget the magic of the season!

1. Christmas Fairy Lights

Any room can be instantly made Christmas-y with some bright and cheery string lights. Fairy lights are the fan favorite to drape around your bed, but consider stringing them across the ceiling during the holidays for a nice twist to decorate your dorm for Christmas.

I bet you can't wait to decorate your dorm for Christmas!

Get them here:


2. A Mini Tree

You can’t have Christmas without a Christmas tree! A small artificial tree that is either already decorated or is ready for you to decorate, instantly gives your room the festive look. Depending on the size and material of the tree, the prices vary. However, you can find a huge variety of mini trees on Amazon, and for a decent price too!

Get it here:

3. Ornaments

Use these to decorate that mini Christmas tree, or even just hang them around your room. Traditional ornaments can be found pretty much anywhere in bulk, and single ornaments with specific shapes can be easily located online.


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4. Red Cable Knit Blanket

The color red immediately makes any bed holiday ready. A pop of this festive color thrown across your bed (especially if it’s in a cozy cable knit material) will be a subtle, yet gorgeous touch to decorate your dorm for Christmas!

A red knit blanket is such a cute way to decorate your dorm for christmas!

Get it here:

5. Window Stickers

Amazon has tons of sheets of reusable sticky window decorations of every style for less than $5! Imagine waking up to see Santa’s sleigh right outside your window!

These window stickers are such cute ways to decorate your dorm for christmas!

6. Fake Snow

Perfect for some place that never gets the luxury of a white Christmas—sprinkle some fake snow along your windowsill or along a dresser to bring that winter feeling inside your dorm. Bags of this can be found on Amazon for as little as $5, as well as at many dollar stores.

7. DIY Paper Snowflakes

This craft only requires white paper, tape, and scissors. Depending on how you decide to display the finished product, string might be needed.

8. Garland

The best part about using garland to decorate your dorm for Christmas is that it comes in so many different varieties to suit any style. Whether you choose classic tinsel garland, or something more rustic like pine cones and twine, your room will give off a wonderful holiday vibe.

Get it here:

9. Candles

Real or fake, candles always make a room feel warmer—figuratively and literally. For a real candle, go with a seasonal scent to really set the mood of Christmas. If you’re looking to decorate your dorm for Christmas (and you probably aren’t allowed to have real candles), don’t worry, you’re in luck. Search for an LED candle with a flickering feature and stock up on some festive looking candle holders.

Get them here:

10. A Small Wreath

If you don’t want to buy one pre-made, you can definitely craft up a DIY version. Consider buying the wreath base and then attaching your own arrangment of ribbons, ornaments, berries and whatever you choose! Hanging a small Christmas wreath on your dorm’s door is a simple way to say “Merry Christmas” to anyone that passes by.


11. Snow Globe

Another classic winter decoration! Buying a small snow globe is cheap and a great decoration for a desk or windowsill, and with an option like the one below, you can add your own personal touch with a meaningful Christmas picture of you and your fam. It’s also a great stress reliever when you shake it up and watch the “snow” fly!

12. Snowman Light

One of the first Christmas decorations that comes to mind for me is a little light up snowman. Growing up, I had one of these in my house, so now I automatically think of it when brainstorming how to decorate for Christmas. There seems to be no end to what these can look like, and Amazon holds every single possibility. Whether it be a night light, or one stuffed with LED lights that sits on your desk, it’s a fun way to add some more color to your room, while still sticking to the holiday theme. This is also something that can be used throughout the entirety of winter!


13. Mini Stockings

If the goal for you when you decorate your dorm for Christmas is to feel more like you’re at home, definitely purchase a few stockings to hang on your walls for you and your roommates. In the weeks leading up to Christmas break, you can even fill them with little treats for each other.

Get them here:

14. Christmas Card Display

Ask to be put on all of your family’s Christmas card mailing lists, and as the mail starts to roll in, display the cards on your desk or hang them on the wall with a simple Christmas card holder.

15. Nutcrackers

Whether you decide to get a full sized nutcracker or a mini one that serves as a desk decoration, these little guys scream Christmas. Check your local dollar store for even cheaper versions.

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16. Seasonal Mug

With the holiday season comes the cold, so invest in a mug that makes you holly and jolly when you sip your warm drink from it.

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17. Festive Throw Pillows

These can be placed on a chair or on your bed, cozying things up a bit! Pillow covers are cheaper, and you can find great deals for them on Amazon.

These pillows are such cute ways to decorate your dorm for Christmas!

Get them here: 


18. Block Letters

Found at basically every craft store, use some nice block letters to spell out a festive word or phrase on a dresser, bedside table, or windowsill.

19. Hanging Paper Lantern

If you stick to plain colors, you could even keep these hanging year round. Simple shapes like stars, hearts, and snowflakes look great because they are festive without being too gaudy.

Get them here: 


20. Mistletoe

Of course, no Christmas decorated room is complete without a mistletoe! You can find ornaments with the plant on it very easily, which leads to a convenient plan for hanging. Put it right in your doorway and try to snatch a kiss every time someone walks into your room!

Now that you have all the necessities to decorate your dorm for Christmas, have fun decorating! Mix and match all these ideas, while not blowing your paycheck!

What is your must-have decoration for Christmas time? Share your ideas in the comments!


Cute ways to decorate your dorm for Christmas!

20 Cheap & Festive Items To Decorate Your Dorm For Christmas

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How are you going to decorate your dorm for Christmas? Let us know down below!
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