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Cheap And Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

Cheap And Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

The fall season is among us, a season with fresh air, new beginnings and beautiful décor! Sometimes we can go a bit overboard with what we spend on Thanksgiving decorations or any decorations! While décor can be quite expensive to decorate a large area, keeping things simple or DIY-ing projects can help with cost but can still enhance your living spaces. Here are some cheap but chic Thanksgiving decorations you can keep in mind when decorating for the holiday season.

1. Easy Fall Centerpieces

Creating a simple but elegant dining table is not only pleasing to the eye but inviting. Having a statement piece as a focal point draws you and guests in, creating a comfortable place to eat, especially Thanksgiving dinner. This can be from fall scented candles, to DIY mason jars as holders, mini pumpkins, fall colored flowers, or table runners.

Creating a table runner with felt leaf cut-outs of brown, yellow, orange, or red is not only simple but cheap as well! You can find these at a nearby crafts store and simply hot glue them together a couple inches shorter than your table, and place small to medium size pumpkins in the middle.


Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

2. DIY Garland

Another cheap and easy piece of décor you can add to your home for the fall season is a DIY garland you can find right outside in your backyard. All you need is some leaves, paint or glitter paint, string, and a little imagination.


You can paint your leaves any color of your choosing, and add glitter paint then string them up across an entryway or plain wall to add a little festive touch. You can add fairy lights to your garlands too.

Making a fabric banner is another garland idea that’s inexpensive but adorable for a doorway or wall. Pick out a few solid colored fabrics, maybe some patterned ones, then cut them in strips to tie on a string.

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love


3. Fall Wreaths

Wreaths are classic décor pieces that will never go out of style. You can create a beautiful and elegant looking wreath just from materials at the dollar store. You can get ribbons, wire, twine, burlap, mini pumpkins or gourds, fall florals, and wreath hangers.

Whether you make them simple or detailed, you can’t go wrong.

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

4. Large Glass Jars

This may sound like a simple idea and that’s because it is! Using glass jars as table décor is a way to get creative, plus you can put whatever you would like in them. You can fill them with candy corn, mini pumpkins, or even put water in them with a single fall floral piece to keep it really minimal.

Glass jars are great for holding single-cylinder candles. Place a fall colored candle inside your glass jar, add acorns or corn kernels around the candle, then tie a piece of burlap around the middle and done! That easy.

The best part of these is, you can place them anywhere. From your front porch to your shelves or your kitchen counters, this is one of the simplest Thanksgiving decorations that won’t break the bank!

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

5. Repurposing Pumpkins

We want our guests to believe we’ve actually put in some effort when it comes to decorating for the holidays. It’s the first thing they see when they come over for that Thanksgiving dinner. A simple and fun idea is to repurpose your leftover pumpkins from Halloween (if they’re still in good shape).

Cut open the pumpkin and remove everything from the inside, remember to save those seeds to bake for a tasty snack! Once everything is clean, you can put together a fall floral bouquet to place inside the pumpkin, using it as your vase.

You can also get artsy and use your gutted pumpkin as a wine cooler. Fill the pumpkin with ice and pop a bottle of wine in to chill. This can be a cute and conversational piece for your guests to enjoy while over for dinner.

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

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6. Turkey Crafts For The Kids

Getting your children involved in the fall festivities is not only fun but makes them feel proud to be a part of decorating the house because it’s their house as well. Letting them make turkeys from pinecones or tin cans, gives them an activity to do but gives you home décor as well!

They can explore the backyard and pick out some pinecones. They can use feathers, googly eyes and felt or paper for the beak. That’s as simple as it gets! Leftover tin cans from food can be used as the body for the turkey and they can add in any detail they’d like. You can add ribbons or streamers to the bottom for a more eye-popping turkey!

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

7. Chalkboard Signs

These Thanksgiving decorations are timeless! They are limitless as to what you can do with them. Use a chalkboard of your choosing and add in any quote or saying that you love. Some ideas include: “Autumn skies and pumpkin pies” or “Fall blessings” or a favorite of mine “Pumpkin spice and everything nice”. What’s great is you aren’t stuck with one text, you can change it whenever you’d like.

You can dress up the chalkboard with fall colors or add fall floral as the border. You can place this as a welcome sign for your front door or as a wall piece inside your home. Be creative and get funky with it!

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

8. Wine-box Tier Décor

This one would look beautiful on a front porch or by the front door with simple fall decorations added. You can stack wine boxes or wooden crates on top of each other to design one statement piece of décor.

You can add any fall decorations of your choosing, like pumpkins, candles, stringed lights, florals, Thanksgiving signs, the list is endless. Arrange your pieces but be careful not to add too much as that can create a tacky look.

Cheap and Chic Thanksgiving Decorations You’ll Love

Decorating for the holidays can be a fun process with these cheap but adorable ideas. What are your favorite Thanksgiving decorations? Comment below!

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