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10 Cheap Amazon Purchases To Make Your Bedroom More Exciting

10 Cheap Amazon Purchases To Make Your Bedroom More Exciting

Now that you have moved out of your dorm room for the summer, whether that means you are back home after yet another exciting college semester or you are starting new in an apartment of your own after graduating, why not buy a few things—not to mention, a few cheap things—that will spice up your living space. From different forms of lighting to wall decorations that will add some flare to your plain walls, here are 10 cheap purchases you can make from that will make your bedroom more exciting.

1. The Lava Lamp

Throwing it back to the psychedelic ’60s, purchasing a lava lamp like this one will give you a taste of the past while also adding something to your bedside table that will catch the eye of anyone who enters your room. Ranging from $10 for the more basic ones to $30 for more unique offerings, Amazon has numerous options waiting for you online!


2. Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

It may remind you of your childhood, but hey if you have ever caught yourself staring blankly up at your ceiling before bed, glow in the dark wall stickers are definitely something that you should invest less than $10 in on Amazon. Instead of counting imaginary sheep before you sleep, you can count the stars that are invisible when the lights are on but shine as soon as the lights turn off. After all, what’s more, exciting than entering a whole new galaxy you customized yourself from the comfort of your own bed?!

3. A Disco Light

Lighting is always an important element that can contribute to the mood as well as the color scheme of your room. To make your bedroom more exciting, and maybe even remind you of your time at college, purchase this small, remote-controlled disco light for only $12–some even go for less than $10! These lights are small but powerful and can excite the whole room with a simple click of a button on the remote control. Light your bedroom up!


4. A Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop that you can hook behind the door is a great addition to any room, especially your bedroom if you are trying to channel your inner Kobe Bryant while lying in bed. These basketball hoops range from $15 to $30 on Amazon and are fun and interactive. If you ever want to impress or intrigue your friends, show them some of the slam dunks you have been practicing when they come to hang in your room on a rainy day.


5. LED Light Strips

Let there be light–and what better way than to line your bedroom with some colorful LED light strips that cost as little as $20 from Amazon. These strips that you can place anywhere and everywhere throughout your room are completely controlled by you. Fill your bedroom with colors that work with any mood!

6. Photo Strip String Lights

Printed out pictures to hang up on your walls are always a great way to add a personalized touch to your room. With these photo strip string lights that you can purchase for $15 or less on Amazon, you can hang up your pictures in a more interesting and artsy way, making your room more personal, bright and exciting!


7. Neon Signs For Wall Decor

Neon signs are yet another bright and light option you can add to your bedroom to spice it up. No two signs are alike, so you can get one with a simple symbol or a more intricate one that depicts a word or phrase. On Amazon, the cheaper of these neon wall decorations cost anywhere from $10 to $30 but they are well worth it. 

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8. A World Map Painting

Any artwork on your walls will immediately attract attention so why not make it something colorful and interesting like this world map. This painting costs $25 and will be sure to make your room more exciting and intriguing. 


9. Wall Tapestry

Amazon has multiple different tapestry options in the $10 to $20 price range. Tapestries are a statement and whichever one you choose will be something interesting and specific to you. This cheap purchase can cover a large portion of your wall, so make it one that you–not to mention everyone else who steps foot into your bedroom–can’t take their eyes off of! 

10. Dancing Water Speakers

Last but not least, these water speakers will not only bring light but also a show to your room. Connect your music to these speakers and prepare for a performance that cost you only $18 on Amazon. The speakers provide both a great wait to entertain and be entertained all in your own room. How about that cheap and exciting purchase?!


Which of these cheap amazon purchases are you going to make to make your bedroom more exciting? Comment below!

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