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The Top Five Places In Charlottesville To Drink A Glass Of Rosé

The Top Five Places In Charlottesville To Drink A Glass Of Rosé

Cool off from the summer heat in the evening with a glass of rosé! Society19 knows the best places in Cville to get the drink and enjoy some great food!

If you’ve ever been to Europe in the summer, you know that rosé is the de rigeur drink of summer. Light, refreshing and meant to be enjoyed right away, it’s a lot like summer! In fact, in France, rosé sales now exceed those of white wine. The majority of rosé is also made in Provence, the summer vacation spot of everyone from Beyonce and Jay Z to the president of France. Charlottesville not only has a great glass of rosé, but the town offers scenic locations to sip on this summer drink staple. These are some of the college town’s best places to drink wine and soak up the summertime.

Pippin Hill & Vineyards

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards can be found on Virginia’s Monticello Wine Trail where you can watch the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains while drinking your favorite kind of wine. The vineyard attracts many tourists, locals and college groups of friends who come to enjoy the Euro-style food and extensive wine menu. Bring a large picnic blanket to spread out on the lush grass, and enjoy a bottle (or two) of their refreshing rosé and good company.  Try this place in Charlottesville for a glass of rosé. 

Heirloom Rooftop Bar

Looking for an excuse to dress up cute for a date or a night out with friends? Heirloom, located on top of Charlottesville’s Graduate Hotel, offers a rooftop lookout with views across the city. This restaurant won the Diners’ Choice Award in 2017 and what’s better to accompany those Kennebec fries than a chilled glass of rosé? Heirloom allows you to pair a beautiful Charlottesville night view of a thousand twinkling lights and a glass of rosé. Name a more iconic duo. We will wait. Try this place in Charlottesville for a glass of rosé. 

The Local

The Local remains one of Charlottesville’s most popular restaurants among students, professors and local residents. This restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating with a deck that is perfect for a summer night aperitif. We like to pair a lovely rosé with the crispy shrimp and then stay and eat the longest, most leisurely meal of the summer. Between the relaxed décor, the eclectic crowd and thoughtful menu, this place is always a good spot to be pretty in pink with a glass of rosé.

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Try this place in Charlottesville for a glass of rosé. 

King Family Vineyards

Like horses and wine? So do we. King Family Vineyards, known for their exceptional wines, is just a short drive from Charlottesville in Crozet, Va. Family-owned, King Family Vineyards not only features a wonderful wine list, but it is home to Roseland Polo, so you can watch the horses roam around the fields and drink some delicious rosé at the same time. King Family Vineyards even features a rosé named Crosé, aptly named after the town where the vineyard is located – Crozet. One of Cville’s most popular spots for weddings and private parties, King Family Vineyards is also open to the public so visitors may enjoy a glass of Crosé while taking in the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and grazing horses.

Try this place in Charlottesville for a glass of rosé. 

Orzo Kitchen And Wine Bar

Located near Charlottesville historic Downtown Mall, Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar serves a delicious Mediterranean menu that pairs perfectly with their extensive wine list. The menu is inspired by European food capitals such as Italy and France, and their beautiful wall art gives the restaurant a sophisticated, old-school wine bar vibe. With an enormous wine list and great ambiance, this is one of the best places to pair some summery appetizers with a glass of rosé. Spend the evening practicing your high school French while you share a plate of Prince Edward Island mussels.

Try this place in Charlottesville for a glass of rosé. 

Where do you like to drink a glass of rosé? Let us know in the comments below!

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