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8 Types of People You Meet In College

8 Types of People You Meet In College

Fall semester is right around the corner!  Everyone is excited to go back to campus and have the autonomy to do as they please without parents or other adults breathing down their necks. Freshman year is more or less the most exciting year of college because students meet new people, take interesting classes, and have a newfound freedom.  The college experience may be enhanced or hindered during freshmen year based on the different friendships formed.  Here is a list of 8 types of people you meet in college, guaranteed.

People in college

Your Roommate

This is probably the first person you will meet when you arrive on campus.  Hopefully, you get along with them because you two will live together for an entire year.  Having a bad roommate can really hurt your college experience.


The Drunk

This person is at every single party and is usually the one who is drunk out of their mind and acting a fool.  Everyone knows them as being drunk, so it’s no surprise when they start dancing on tables and tripping down the stairs.

The Socialite

Like the Drunk, this person is at every party, but they are the life of the party and keeps it going.  This person has plenty of friends and knows everyone.


The Loner

Unlike The Drunk or The Socialite, The Loner rarely leaves their dorm or apartment.  They would rather stay in and watch a movie or surf the web than go out and mingle with other people.  Often times, this person is an introvert.  If you come across this person, or maybe its you, don’t be afraid to say “hi” or ask this person to come out with you every once in a while because loners are people too.


The Bookworm

Chances are you will rarely see the bookworm outside of class or the library because they iare constantly studying.  This person is likely to major in a credit intensive or difficult major like biology.  Studying is great for grades, but horrible for a social life.  The Bookworm never parties or goes to social events or has any fun.  Studying is important, but it should not take over your life or take away from the college experience.

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The Kid Who Shows Up To Class Only On Exam Day

Everyone envies this type of student because they don’t attend class but still get an A on the midterm and final.  Odds are they have a photographic memory and only needs to read the textbook to perform well.  This person is magical.


The Overzealous Sports Fan

The Overzealous Sports Fan is at every home game and every sporting event cheering the loudest. They have a tremendous amount of school pride and always wears a school t-shirt or other type of clothing or accessory.


The SuperFreshman

The SuperFreshman wants to take on every activity, club, or class possible at the college. They took the hardest classes and got A’s in high school while still being able to play a sport, have leadership roles in every club, and have a job without trouble.  Because of this, the SuperFreshman believes that they can do the same in college.  They will soon realize that this is totally impossible when things start to fall apart.