5 Chapsticks That Work Wonders

Chapped lips have been an issue for men and women alike for a long time. Drinking water helps to lessen chapped lips, but sometimes it doesn’t do what we need it to, or it doesn’t do it fast enough. Sometimes, our lips need a little extra push, and that push is chapstick. Chapstick helps moisturize our lips, even if for a little while, and that moisture keeps our lips from looking like some musty dusty cracked scales on the back of a reptile. We need chapstick to survive, and I have put together a list of the best chapsticks out there. Here are five chapsticks that work wonders on your lips.

1. Burt’s Bees

The primary ingredient in Burt’s Bees is beeswax, which is one of the best moisturizers out there, meaning that Burt’s Bees will really help to make your lips silky smooth. Other ingredients that are used are coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and rosemary leaf. Burt’s Bees takes pride is being all natural, meaning you are putting the best products on your lips. Also, they come in all different flavors, so you can lips your lips and taste something great. And, an added bonus, you can get your chapstick with color so that your lips will look smooth and there will be a little pop of color, making it look like maybe you put on a little makeup even if you didn’t.

2. ChapStick

People call chapstick, chapstick because of the brand ChapStick. One of the original inventions to help chapped lips no longer be chapped helped change the course of beauty. ChapStick has many different flavors, colors, and even some with SPF to help keep your lips from burning in the sun (it can really happen). There are even some that are “medicated” to help soothe sore lips. It also has a skin lubricant to protect chapped lips and to prevent it from sun damage, windburned, or the usual, chapped, lips.

3. Aquaphor

Aquaphor is essentially petroleum jelly and water, with of course a few other ingredients, and it is known for its wonderful healing properties! It comes as skin care creams, skincare sprays, baby lotion, and of course, chapstick. It helps your skin to keep from drying out, and it does the same and better for your lips. Aquaphor products also come with SPF so you can stay protected from the harsh UV rays from the sun!

4. Vaseline

Everyone has heard of vaseline. Vaseline has many different uses, all from the one same product. It can be used to moisturize, to help protect minor cuts or burns, it helps prevent diaper rash for babies, but it is also an incredible way to keep your lips from getting chapped. You can buy a big jar of Vaseline, or you can buy mini bottles that come in different flavors such as rose, which will add a pink tint to your lips, or cocoa butter.

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5. Carmex

Don’t let the title fool you, Carmex is not made to grease up cars, but rather to grease up your lips. It helps to relieve cold sore symptoms as well as help heal dry and chapped lips, designed for all over lip use. Starting in 1937, it has been living up to its saying of “It soothes. It heals. It protects.” for many years, and still does. Plus, it is affordable so you can have nice, smooth lips for a great price!

Do you have any other chapsticks that you like? What do you think of the ones on this list? Have you tried them before? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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Auva Saghafi

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