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Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Changing majors is a big decision during college. It can determine a number of different things. Check out these tips before you decide to switch!


When you are debating about changing majors, one of the key components to think about is how much more time you have left. Meaning how many more semesters. 

Many people change their majors a few different times during their academic careers. However, most of it is done during your first two years. This is when many people try to take out the bulk of their gen eds. These classes are required no matter what kind of degree you are going for. 

This system is designed so that you can get a taste of different fields. You will find that during these first two semesters, you will begin to lean toward the degree that you want the most. 

It’s once you get into the second semester of your junior year that you should really be settling into a degree that you love the most. If you can’t decide between one or two, then you can always double major or turn one into a minor. Many people do this if they have time in their day between work and their social life to manage two different degrees. 

Of course, you can still change your major even during this time, but just keep in mind that you will have to put even more work and time into the new degree if you do choose to pursue a different one. 

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Graduation date

Changing majors can have an impact on your graduation date if that is a concern for you. Many students want to finish as soon as possible. If you change from one type of degree to a completely different one, you may be finding yourself in school longer than you originally wanted to. 

That’s always fine, as long as you are okay with it. Realistically, only one-third of students actually graduate in the four-year timeline. This can be for many different reasons that are unique to each student. Some have financial reasons, some have family-related ones, and others just needed to take a semester or two off for other personal reasons. 

So if you find yourself staying in college for longer than four years for any kind of degree, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. 

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips


Every college student knows that college gets expensive. What many find out, sometimes too late, is that financial aid will only be given to you for about 6 years if you are going for a Bachelor’s degree. 

This is very critical when it comes to deciding if you decide on changing majors. You have to be able to financially afford going if you end up being there for more than 6 years.  

The affordability not only reflects the tuition. You have to make sure you can afford the books, lab fees if there are any, parking, food, rent, etc. 

There are a few ways to get around some of the fees if you are creative enough. You can share books with other classmates, you can find a few people to go in on an apartment so the rent is cheaper for you personally, and you can do the same for food. 

While money isn’t the first thing people think about when they are deciding on changing majors, it is definitely one that should be considered at some point in the decision process. 

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips


When you decide on changing majors, the first thing you should be thinking about is why you want to change it in the first place. The reasons vary from person to person so it’s all about thinking hard about what your specific reason is. 

For some, it’s because they took a class and found out that they absolutely hated the subject once they got deeper into the program. This is a major red flag and an excellent reason why you should change your major. If you don’t like the subject, you will have a difficult time remembering the material. 

Besides, who wants to work in a field that they are miserable in for the rest of their lives? The career you were thinking about might pay good, but you also have to keep your mental health in mind. 

For other people, it could be that while going for one degree, they found a bigger interest in a different one and didn’t want to double major or make one a minor. 

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Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Consider Your Future Career Rather Than The Major

Many times students change their major because the career they want isn’t directly related to what their current major is. This is a common idea throughout many students’ minds as they advance through their academic careers. 

However, your future career doesn’t have to directly relate to your major. It’s the concepts and ideas that you learn during your major that you need to make sure you use in your future career.

One of the best things to do would be to look at the curriculum for the major and see what skills the program will be having the students master by the time graduation comes. If those skills line up with what career you are looking for, then you might want to consider staying with the major you’re already in. 

However, if a different major seems more fitting in terms of the skills you will get, then that would be a good reason for switching to a different major. 

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Seek Help and Advice

If you’re considering changing majors because the content is too difficult, then you might want to seek help from your fellow peers, tutors, or professors. Chances are that you might just need to learn a different way than is being taught. 

Students learn in many different ways and sometimes the professors can’t accommodate all different types of learning. Especially when they need to follow a curriculum or make sure that they reach certain parts of the syllabus at certain times in the semester. 

Some professors are willing to change the syllabus if all of the students are struggling. Also, pay attention to the syllabus and on the first day since every professor will list their office hours where you can go to them if you are struggling at any time. It’s better to go earlier in the semester so you can address what you’re having problems with: the content or the way you are learning the content. 

Changing Majors In College? Here Are Some Tips

Are you considering changing majors? Did any of these tips help you decide one way or the other? Let us know in the comments below!

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