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10 Certifications That May Make You More Knowledgeable

10 Certifications That May Make You More Knowledgeable

Do you want to entice your resume? Maybe just become more well-rounded? Here are the best certifications to acquire during your lifetime:

1) CPR

This one is self-explanatory for medical students as well as teachers, but can’t everyone feel comfortable in their resuscitation skills? There are many online platforms that allow you to get your certification by simply taking a 10 question quiz at a low price of 12 dollars.

You could save lives with this certification! You will get to know the function of the heart, and that is one of the most important cycles to know. You will be able to know how the body works, but also how it stops working and how to bring the heart back to life.


I encourage everyone to get a CPR certification.

2) EMR

Being a first responder is not only a certification but also a job (full-time or part-time). You can take an online course requiring you to perform some quizzes, some skills, and a final exam. By committing to this certification, you will have the chance to volunteer as a first responder in any fire department with either EMS, fire, or PD—if that doesn’t excite you, maybe watching some Grey’s Anatomy will.


Please, please try and become an EMR, we are slowly making our community and our world a better place through helping people in everything we do—plus, it’s a simple certification.

3) PADI- Open Water

Open water diving is not only a cool experience but also a very important certification to own, especially if you live by the sea or any body of water. This certification can be a little costly, but you really learn the ins and outs of diving and how to be a good diver. There is way more to it than putting an oxygen tank on your back and hoping into the ocean.


From there on, you can even progress to a more professional certification; rescue driver, marine biology specialist, and so on.


LAMDA is a certification that schools offer, though most of them offer a limited amount of choices. The most common option is public speaking and it is a great option for young adults to partake in since it also is a great confidence boost. They also offer a drama option for those interested in performing arts, or those wanting to ameliorate their confidence in front of people. I would highly recommend these certificates just to better your self-esteem while also dusting the rust off your resume.


5) Boat License 

If you live anywhere near a body of water and have the opportunity to go out on boats, or enjoying doing so as much as I do, then this is the license for you. It shows employees that you know how to separate work and leisure, but it could also get you a part-time job. This is a certification that doesn’t require much time but truly depends on where you are located. Some countries and states have harsher regulations than others, but I would definitely recommend looking into it—even if it is only valid in a specific area. Take a trip to LA, rent a boat, and live your best life.


6) Awards of Excellence 

Awards of excellence are simply that, an award for being excellent. They usually offer these in your classes or by your major by your professor. Some are also online and can be pursued in a matter of hours or days, based on how persistent you are. There is a website called where you can get certificates for FREE, add them to your resume, and entice it by a lot.

7) Driver’s License

I think this one is quite self-explanatory, however, many people do not include it on their resumes when they should! This tells an employer that you are able to find your own way to and from work. It shows them that you live in a specific state and are more likely to be on time since you do not depend on public transport.

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A driver’s license also means you have an ID card, a means of travel as well as independent and reliable transport.


8) Stop the Bleed

Stop the bleed is also another medical certification, but I would definitely recommend trying it out since it would only take about two hours of your day and you would leave having the skills to save a person’s life. This certificate goes hand in hand with all the other medical ones but there isn’t one without the other. It does not cost too much to be able to say that you accomplished a stop the bleed course, so definitely give it a try if you want to enhance your skills but also your resume and knowledge.

9) International License 

For an international license, I would really recommend paying for the application since that is the only requirement for the license. All you need is a valid license and a passport picture as well as paying the fee and you are all set. This will help you if you travel a lot and rent cars since an American license doesn’t work in many places for too long. These licenses are a really good way to broaden your resume and get that job!


10) TEFL

Do you like to volunteer? Do you like to teach? Well, this is the perfect certificate for you and your endeavors! All you have to do is pay the course fee, do the course-load and then you will be set to teach in any country and get a job there as well!

This is a certificate that will not only get you paid but will also give you experience in the world with people who may not have as much as you do!

This is one of the best certificates and will definitely blow away your recruiter.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! How will you enhance your skills? Which certificate will you pick? Comment down below.