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5 Celebrity Workouts You Can Try At Home

5 Celebrity Workouts You Can Try At Home

A great motivation to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle is to follow celebrity workouts. Everyone wants to look just like their celebrity idol, and now we can! Hollywood’s personal trainers have posted the workouts they give actors and actresses when they go to get fit for movies.

Not only do they post their workouts, but they also post the diets these celebrities need to be on for the workout. After all, working out is simply half the battle. You can easily google a specific actress’ workout or search celebrity workouts on Pinterest.

1. Elizabeth Olsen

One of the celebrity workouts beginners accomplish at home is the same workout Elizabeth Olsen had to endure to prepare for the Marvel movies. Some of her objectives were to go for a 400-800m run followed by sets of kettlebell routines and basics such as sit-ups, planks, and push-ups. If you do not have a kettlebell you can use the same pound weight or an object that is similar in weight. As mentioned, this is a good workout for people who want to begin their fitness journey as there are not that much high intense workouts.

This workout routine also mentions that every other day, Olsen has to do a workout of her choice such as yoga, pilates, etc… Here, you can easily go for a long walk, youtube a yoga class or even a dance class could work.

5 Celebrity Workouts You Can Try At Home

2. Chloe Bennet

Moving onto one of the more intense celebrity workouts is Chloe Bennet’s workout for Agents of Shield. The actress had to perform a three to five day workout of weight training and circuit training. Similar to many female actresses, Chloe Bennet had to go for an 800m job before every workout.

She then continued with circuit training of sit-ups, burpees, air squats and much more. This is a good workout for individuals who want to slowly move into weight training, as Chloe Bennet as a good mix of cardio workout and weight training.

 5 Celebrity Workouts You Can Try At Home

3. Emily Bett Rickards

One of the more weight focused celebrity workouts is Emily Bett Rickard’s workout for the CW’s Arrow. She does alternate days of full-body workouts followed by an active day of her choice which is usually running or yoga. Her full-body workouts include Arnold presses, cable rows, military presses and sleigh pushes. This workout would be beneficial for an individual who is more comfortable with weight training and medium to high-intensity workouts.

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5 Celebrity Workouts You Can Try At Home

4. Naomi Scott

Princess Jasmine’s workout is one of the celebrity workouts you can complete at home. All you need for this workout are kettlebells and cables that you can attach to your closet rod or stair railing. Naomi Scott does a combination of circuit training involving kettlebells and cable pull-downs after cardio of her choice. She alternatives with one day being a full-body workout with upper-body focus, while the next day is a full-body workout with a lower-body focus.

5 Celebrity Workouts You Can Try At Home

5. General Celebrity Workouts

A lot of general celebrity workouts you can accomplish at home include a mix of cardio and basic workout circuits. This includes going for an 800m jog to begin every workout followed by a series of pull-ups, push-ups, burpees, kettlebell swings, etc… The key is to alternate days to cardio and weight training. Also, ensure you are performing circuits for each workout formation you choose. If you want a guide, you could also buy workout DVDs such as Dancing With The Stars or Jillian Michaels workout DVDs.

Hopefully, these celebrity workouts will help you become more motivated to workout more. Which celebrity workout do you want to try first? Comment down below!

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