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10 Celebrity Styles That Are To Die For

Celebrity style has always been a popular topic amongst pop culture.  Of course with celebrities having access to endless fashion brands, we look to them as inspiration. I remember a time when I would do cut outs from Vogue and teen magazines of the clothes I wanted to own.

I’ve been inspired by many celebrities, men and women with great taste in fashion. In fact, some celebrities are mostly known for their fashion choices. We’ve had Prince Diana be a fashion icon, Kim Kardashian and others who have set trends and made their own rules. Here are 10 celebrities with great fashion sense that you may be inspired by.


You’ve had to know that Queen Bee was going to make the list! Ever since Beyoncé got into the music industry her fashions, first created by her mother, took the world by storm. One of her most classic video looks had to be on the Dangerously In Love music video. 

She wore a white tank top, jean shorts and red pumps; this outfit was simple yet so classic and chic. Beyoncé has went on to create her second clothing line, partnering with Adidas for Ivy Park. This line of athleisure wear brings chic designs that are transferable to street wear, date night attire or anywhere you want to go. Beyoncé has made an impact with her subtle nude tones and her ultra chic taste. Her stlye is constantly evolving!

Kylie Jenner

Here is another celebrity who is constantly evolving as well. Kylie Jenner is the baby of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. This young entrepreneur has set many fashion trends on the map starting with the time she had teal hair! Her style is polished and sent but there was a time it was edgy and dark (teal hair phase). 

She now opts for more neutral tones but she isn’t afraid to play with colored either. Since she has stepped into the make up game, we also see a difference in her makeup creativity. This young celebrity has the fashion and makeup game on lock!

Lupita Nyongo

This celebrity is dynamic all on her own! From her role in Black Panther to her work outside of acting. We are here to discuss fashion and her style is beautiful. She wears the most elegant fabrics with the most flattering silhouettes. She is known for her beauty and every thing she wears compliments her.

Lupita is also not afraid to play with color in her wardrobe. She wears tho pastels and brights that we were used to only on Easter. Her bold style sets her apart in the entertainment industry as one of the most innovative dressers of this century.


This celebrity has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time. We have gotten to see her evolve woman wise and fashion wise. With her being a mother to three, I still don’t know where she finds the time to SLAY! 

Ciara is always on point from head to toe. Whether this celebrity is wearing jeans and a simple white or an exclusive gown by Armani, she slays. Her fashion is safe on the day to day looks but man is she risky with the glam! Need a prom, wedding or special occasion inspired? Ciara is your celebrity!


Ms. Rihanna’s fashion looks has always been talk of the town, this is for good reason! She has been a risk taker with edge and chic since she dropped her second album. She pairs you everyday essentials with the most extravagant patterns, fabrics and designers.

This a celebrity who is not afraid to rock Miu miu heels with jeans and a crop. She has influenced so many people in taking risk with fashion, including me. She deserves all the praise she gets for her fashion sense. Hey! Rihanna? Can you spare a few pieces?

Jennifer Lopez

Jlo is that celebrity you will know about 100 years from now! She has dominated music charts and movie screens for years on end! She also has dominated the fashion world starting with that famous Versace dress (look it up). She brings a blend of urban vibes mixed with high class that is unique. 

Jlo looks great in her matching track suit and timbs just like her Versace gown and Christian Louboutin sandals. I like how she sticks to her roots with the street wear but isn’t afraid to glam it up!


Zendaya has been making waves in the fashion world. This celebrity graduated from Disney and has become a full on icon. Her fashion is a mix of chic with ethnic influences. She isn’t afraid to rock a gown with knee length dreadlocks. She plays with texture, design, and color like its a playground!

This sets her apart in her age group because she opts for more classic silhouettes. She is another risk taking celebrity and you can find her on a magazine near you!

See Also

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is a beautiful and talented artist whose fashion takes her to another height. This celebrity pairs tomboy with upper class chic in so many ways. She dives into those oversized items and makes them look good. 

She clashes two worlds together and street style us very much in. She had an edgy twist which elevates the moodiness of her persona. Whoever styles her, can you ask Dua Lipa a few questions for me? 

Cardi B

This celebrity right here, OMG! She is known for her music and over the top personality but can we talk about her in a suit. Cardi b has been making waves all over and her fashion sense is one big tsunami.

She does like being sexy and her style can be a bit revealing as part of her exuberant personality which is favorable. She has alot style when it comes to switching up the vibes of it. You’ll catch her in a mini dress then a power house blue suit and then a pair of fashion nova jeans and fur coat! Go Cardi, we see you!

Tika Sumpter

Ooh, this one is a favorite of mine! Tika Sumpter is a celebrity that you swore you went to school with. She is easy going and her style is the same. Don’t get me wrong, Tika does dress up and man its a gift. I love her street style.

She pairs the most simplest of pieces but add a Tika twist that elevates it all together. Her style is for those of us that likes comfort but the look of much effort. Cheers to Tika for teaching us how to conquer both!

What Celebrity style influences you? Which celebrity do you already follow? Which celebrity style are you most like? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ralanda Banks

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