10 Celebrity Street Styles You Need To Steal

From Kylie Jenner, to Bella Hadid, to Shay Mitchell, and to Blake Lively, all of these celebrities and it-girls are showing off their best outfits while they’re out and about, roaming the streets. You can totally look like a celebrity yourself and these fashionistas are going to motivate you to get out of the house and strut your stuff! Win-win situation here, am I right?

1. Bella Hadid

How does one combine classy with casual? Mix and match like Bella Hadid! In this particular outfit she’s wearing a simple cropped white tank top, but she adds a little twist to it by tying a sweater or cardigan around her neck like the high-class woman she is, and she pairs that with cargo pants, while wearing heels! What a freaking game changer.

Get the look:

2. Madison Beer

Cropped has always, and will always be a trend. Madison kills the cropped look with this cropped collared jacket and tank top! The bagginess of her jacket gives her a cool, trendy vibe and adding the high-waisted jeans just exaggerates the coolness of her look! You can definitely cop these items for your wardrobe.

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3. Blake Lively

My goodness. How cute does Blake Lively look in this cable knit t-shirt?! She shows her conservative side with this look, yet she doesn’t forget to show off her long, beautiful legs! Anybody else want to rock this outfit? I know I do!

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4. Shay Mitchell

There is no doubt that Shay Mitchell is the queen when it comes to street styles. She completely slays anything and everything that comes in her way with this particular look. Bold. Chic. Fierce. That is all I can say about this power young lady. With a black blazer, tank top, and sunglasses, her denim jeans stand out, but in a good, stylish way. Own what you have and roam the streets like an empress by copying these fashion statements from Shay!

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5. Hailey Bieber

All of the different colors in this outfit play a crucial role in the entirety of the look. Hailey kills this outfit by wearing a bright blue, oversized hoodie with some shredded black denim shorts, and bright white high tops. She definitely knows how to dress like a cool girl that isn’t afraid to show her tough side.

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6. Vanessa Hudgens

This it-girl is killing the game with her simple white button-up and denim shorts! Although this outfit is super simple, Hudgens dresses it up with cute necklaces, and slicked back hair. Vanessa just proves to us that simple is beautiful, and an empty canvas is the easiest to throw your personality on.

Get the look:

7. Jisoo

Jisoo from BLACKPINK shows us her cute yet badass look with this unreal street look. She pairs a cropped fuzzy top with a long Adidas parka jacket, and FISHNET STOCKINGS. What?! She took street fashion to a whole different level. She is a cute and gorgeous individual, who isn’t afraid to show her tough side, and you can totally rock this look too with the right clothing items.

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8. Leighton Meester

Leighton isn’t just “Blair Waldorf” in Gossip Girl. She’s still the fashion icon portrayed in the show, in real life! She looks absolutely gorgeous and chic in her cropped cable knit sweater and plaid pants. She took an ordinary knit sweater and made it much more playful by adding her plaid pants!

Get the look:

9. Selena Gomez

There’s a good reason why Selena Gomez is all over Pinterest. I mean look at her unique and stylish fashion! Her striped vest top is beyond adorable, and her red open-toed shoes really enhance the entirety of her look. Want to dress like Selena? I found the perfect items for your closet girl!

Get the look:

10. Ariana Grande

It’s no question that Ariana Grande slays when it comes to fashion, let alone street fashion! This look screams chic and cool. Grab your favorite oversized crewneck, grab a pair of over-the-knee-high boots, and strut your stuff!

Get the look:

Which celebrity do you think has the best street fashion? Do you have any of their outfits? Let us know in the comments down below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/366199013448432464/
Chloe Lee

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