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Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Celebrities have totally taken over the world. They control everything we see online. We turn to them to ask the really hard questions in life. We seek out fashion, career, and even dating advice from these strangers. I’m not suggesting you copy these celebrity couples dating life down to what they eat on their date night, but you do have to admit they’re pretty damn cute. 

Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell 

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are both cute and hilarious, a perfect match for each other. What makes them even cuter is how they support each other. When you stalk either of them on social media, you’re bound to find thousands of photos promoting their partner’s work. Dax talks up Frozen 2 and Kristen is the number one fan of Armchair Expert. The two build each other up and are constantly encouraging the other to do more. Not to mention, they both do the same skincare routine, talk about relationship goals. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Angela Kinsey and Josh Snyder 

You may recognize Angela Kinsey from her role as the tight ass accountant, Angela, in The Office. What you may not know is she also stars in a baking show with her husband, Josh Snyder. The YouTube show originally started as Josh’s solo project, but Angela stepped in to be the taste tester, and the show has been wildly successful ever since. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. If your man isn’t baking mini donuts for you, what is he doing? 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Looks may fade, but a good sense of humour never will. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may not have to worry about their beauty fading, because how could it, but they definitely don’t need to worry about losing their funny bones. Although the two aren’t comedic actors, their social media pages are filled with trolling love lettings to each other. From posting bad photos of each other, cheeky comments under photos, and sassy captions, the two were certainly made to tease each other. Find yourself a partner who can laugh at your flaws, and take a joke just as easily. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Sarah Hyland plays everyone’s favourite older sister, Haley Dunphy, on Modern Family. Her character on the show has been through many dramatic relationship changes, eventually ending with her marrying her high-school boyfriend, Dylan. Meanwhile, in real life, Sarah Hyland has found the love of her life by watching reality TV. Wells Adams was a contestant on the twelfth season of The Bachelorette and then went on to become a cast member on the Bachelor in Paradice, two of Sarah’s favourite shows. The couple have now been engaged for around a year and their favourite activity to pass the time? Watching The Bachelor. Opposites may attract, but having shared interests does help pass the time in between making out. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom 

I guess there’s something more than small talk between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom now. The two have been through the ups and downs of a celebrity relationship, only to find each other again! Their relationship may seem something made out of movie magic, to which you can’t recreate in real life. However, did you know that Katy and Orlando Bloom have matching dogs? Isn’t that crazy? Yes, that is a rich person thing, and I don’t expect you to do the same with your partner. I’m also not telling you not to go buy matching pooches with your pooch. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes 

Let me start with a warning here, because I think this celebrity couple is fake. They’re too perfect for each other. It’s unfair for the rest of the world to have to watch them make artistic music together and also be adorable together. That’s just too many things. I guess the lesson we can learn from Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes is that we all have someone who is perfect for us out there, we just need to wait and find them. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been hanging out, down the street, doing the same old thing, for almost two decades now. It’s crazy to think that Mila Kunis’ first on-screen kiss is now the father of her children. Since the two were such good friends for so long, they now have a strong base for their relationship to sit on. Good things take time, remember to relax and work on getting to know someone first. 

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Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt 

John Krasinski took Emily Blunt to a gun range for their first date. His thoughts were that he might not get a second date with the movie star, so why not go all in? Now they’re married with two kids. That’s crazy! Take chances in your life and in your relationship. If you push yourself and your partner to try new things and experiment, you’ll have a lot more fun than just watching TV every night. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Alison Brie and Dave Franco 

Alison Brie liked my Instagram post the other day, so basically we’re best friends now, and I feel very comfortable talking about her relationship with Dave. In all seriousness, Dave Franco and Alison Brie are serious couple goals. The two work on projects together, and always seem over the top in love with each other. The only thing that makes them more of a dynamic couple, their height. Both stars sit right under 5’8, so my only question is, who reaches the things on the top shelf? Either way, they’re perfect for each other, right down to the inch. 

Celebrity Relationship Goals You’ll Want For Your Own Life

Here today, gone tomorrow, celebrity couples may change faster than the winds, but the couples on this list might just make it, they’re pretty cute after all. While they’re still together, why not steal their relationship secrets? Who knows, you might just find a love that was made for the movies. 

Who is your favourite celebrity couple? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: Alison Brie’s Instagram 
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