Celebrity Personal Trainers To Follow On Instagram

As a fitness freak, finding the best personal trainers and workout regimes is crucial. If you are looking for the best celebrity personal trainers to follow on Instagram, I’ve got you covered. These are the best personal trainers on social media, and in my opinion, in general. Check out these bad-ass personal trainers.

John Benton

John Benton is a celebrity personal trainer I’ve wanted to keep to myself, but I suppose that would be selfish. Several models are flying down to Texas to work with this celebrity personal trainer. He is one of the most popular celebrity personal trainers known for shrinking hips and waist. While we have all seen fitness transformation photos on Kayla Itsines Instagram account, these are truly telling fitness Instagram posts – wow!

Benton has spent time refining his training program for shrinking your hips and waist; let me rephrase that, he has completely mastered his model method. It seriously works. As someone eager to get inches off my waist and hips, Benton’s Instagram fitness account is bookmarked repeatedly throughout the day; you could say I’m an avid supporter of this celebrity personal trainer.

Benton is a pro when it comes to “try[ing] to burn some body fat off their hips and waist, but at the same time not build up any muscle.” For those of you who always wonder how to slim your waist and hips, he is your guy. He mixes cardio and isolating moves to tone outer and inner thighs, waists and hips. However, that doesn’t mean Benton shies away from building a strong core. You know the saying, “everything he touches turns to gold?” Every person Benton trains becomes a model. If you don’t already follow this celebrity personal trainer, you should!

Ben Bruno

Ben Bruno is one of the most renowned celebrity personal trainers in the industry. You know Kate Upton and Chelsea Handler? Yep, he trains them along with Victoria’s Secret Model, Barbara Fialho. He is doing some seriously remarkable things. As a current Boston resident, it’s hard not to show some love for the former Massachusetts celebrity personal trainer. To say this guy is a genius might be an understatement. He graduated with a BA from Columbia University in Sociology and ended up pursuing a career as a strength coach. He’s always been a sports fanatic (as a New Englander that can be expected) so it’s no surprise he knows a bit about fitness.

This celebrity personal trainer’s Instagram account features short clips of his clients working out and it’s fair to say the results are working. His account is great for getting ideas about what types of movements you should incorporate into your work out. If you don’t already follow Bruno on Instagram, you should because he’s a bad-ass.

Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak is one of those celebrity personal trainers whose name gets thrown around a lot. Pasternak’s Instagram account is a pretty clear indicator of why that is. He’s a celebrity personal trainer who has had the privilege of working with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. You can see the list of star clients he’s worked with on his site; there’s no shortage of them.

This celebrity personal trainer has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and a Nutritional Sciences from University of Toronto. Those aren’t even all his credentials; on top of being one of the most well-known celebrity personal trainers, he’s a motivational speaker, television host and author. Pasternak’s fitness Instagram account consists of his personal fitness and food insights. This guy knows how to get you in the best shape of your life.

Tracy Anderson

Let’s be honest here, Gwyneth Paltrow has one hot bod. Close friend and celebrity personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, is a large reason why. Tracy Anderson is a celebrity personal trainer who’s mastered fitness. Anderson has figured out the importance of activating small muscles and keeping them challenged. She has researched for several years and finally perfected her workout method.

This celebrity personal trainer has created custom workouts and diets and essentially is the new Jane Fonda. Although several of her clients have different body types, they all walk away with longer, leaner muscles. If you ask yourself how to get a dancer’s body, Anderson’s fitness Instagram account is one to follow. Seriously – she got Gwyneth to lose 11 inches in the first 10 days of her training. Tracy’s Instagram fitness account is fun and she knows how to #trainlikeanangel. Seriously, she trained Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio.

Not only is she one of the most well-known celebrity personal trainers but is clearly a trainer with a lot of upbeat personality. Her Instagram account is uplifting and provides a lot of useful tips for getting in shape and keeps it fresh. There are Instagram fitness clips posted to her account frequently. If you aren’t located in New York City or Los Angeles, you can get her workout tapes which are kick ass – I’d know, I have them.

See Also

Mark Langowski

Mark Langowski is a renowned celebrity personal trainer. Have you heard of Body By Mark? Mark is one of the most sought after celebrity personal trainers in the industry. He has over 14 years of experience in the industry and works with a large clientele.

Langowski’s workout philosophy consists of several services: yoga, Pilates, personal training, sports conditioning and other forms of therapy and training. This famous celebrity trainer’s Instagram account features video clips of clients working out which is incredibly motivational. If you are someone who looks for different gym movements to test out, this fitness Instagram account gives you several ideas. If you are looking for workout motivation, this account is one you’ll want to click follow for.

Justin Gelband

Justin Gelband! Gelband is again, one of the most famous celebrity personal trainers out there right now. If you’ve ever heard of ModelFit, this is your guy. Gelband is a New York-based celebrity personal trainer. He is famous for training several Victoria’s Secret models. Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and Martha Hunt are among the many. Gelband firmly advocates for building around individual lifestyles and that there is no “quick fix.”

Similar to Tracy Anderson and John Benton, Gelband focuses on smaller muscle groups. There is no need to put an insane emphasis on big movements. The smaller the movement, the bigger the result. Justin Gelband’s workouts truly are effective. His Instagram account @justingelband4u is a clear indicator of his effect workout methods. This fitness guru knows what he’s doing.

Have any other celebrity personal trainers we should follow?
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