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Celebrity Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off At Prom

Celebrity Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off At Prom

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Celebrity makeup looks are perfect for prom! Prom season is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already it’s time to start thinking about your makeup! These celebs have had their fair share of red carpet events, and they know a thing or two about how to look good in front of a camera! With a mix of subtle to bold, classic to eye-catching, these makeup looks offer a bit of inspo for just about any vibe you’re going for!

Scarlett Johansson

This makeup look is perfect for anyone going for that subtle, sun-kissed glow. Scar Jo rocks a warm, nude eyeshadow across her lid and accentuates her light eye color with a charcoal liner. There is a subtle highlight in her inner corner, and the white eyeliner used in her waterline adds a nice contrast to the smoked-out brown shade that has been swept under her lower lashes. A coat of mascara and a shimmery nude lip set the tone for this radiant yet natural look. The most prominent feature in this look is Scarlett’s skin.

With a generous amount of concealer under her eyes and under her chin, Scarlett’s contour shade and blush stand out in all the right ways. To achieve that flawless skin glow, use a small amount of highlight right above your contour, on the tip of your nose and in between your brows on the bridge of your nose. The highlight will add a polished look to the rest of your face, and your skin will look picture perfect! This is one of the best makeup looks!


Kim Kardashian-West

This makeup look is not for the faint of heart! Kim’s eyes are clearly the star of the show, not to mention her smoky eye perfectly compliments her dark tresses. Kim went for a variation on a classic smoky eye by combining it with a cut crease. To achieve this look, start by building up a darker shade from your outer corner to your inner corner, the most concentration being in the outer corner.

Once you’ve achieved the effect you were aiming for, go in with your favorite concealer and cut your crease. Go back in with the same dark shade you used in your crease and round out the edge of your smoky eye. Finish off the look with a winged liner and some false lashes and voila! Notice how Kim went for a very nude lip to balance out her bold eyes. All of the attention goes directly to her immaculate cut crease, which is exactly what you want after spending so much time on it!


This makeup look is all about the brows! Zendaya went for a simple eyeshadow look wit a nude color sweeping across her side, a pop of highlight in the inner corner and a set of natural falsies. Her lip color is just dark enough to stand out, but not bold enough to take your eyes away from those BROWS! To achieve eyebrows like Zendaya’s, it is absolutely essential to conceal conceal conceal! After you have filled in your brows and they are as dark as you would like them, take an angled brush and your concealer of choice.


Starting at the bottom of your brow, work your way from left to right, focusing on covering up any imperfections you might have made with your brow pencil/gel. Then do the same thing to the top, this time focusing on your arch! You want to make sure both brows have the same arch and make sure to taper out those ends! This is one of our favorite makeup looks!

Katy Perry

For those who tend to fare on the bolder side, or just enjoy a bit more color in your Prom makeup, this bold color scheme is perfect. Here, Katy has chosen pink hues to match her vibrant hair color,  but this will work with virtually any color! Just make sure whatever color you use, you start with the lightest and work your way out to the outer corner of your eye, finishing with the darkest color in your palette. What really makes this makeup look sing is the continuation of color down below Katy’s lash line. Any time you use a highly pigmented color anywhere on your eyes it is super important to go back and clean up any fallout that may have occurred while applying the color. Pop a bright concealer right under your eyes and above your cheekbones and blend out for a flawless finish!

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Ashley Olsen

This makeup look is a perfect mix of bold and natural. Here, Ashley Olsen went for a subtle contour to show off her famous cheekbones, and a natural yet manicured brow. She has a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow shade on her lids, but the thing that really makes this look pop is the smoky, chunky eyeliner. The best way to achieve this look is with a charcoal pencil. Make sure to line BOTH your top and bottom waterlines with this color. To help create the smoky effect, melt the pencil just a bit, so it’s easy to smudge. Work the eyeliner across your upper lash line and use an angled liner brush to smoke it out. Use the same process on the bottom to achieve a bolder, sexier look! This is one of the best celebrity makeup looks!


As we all know, Rihanna is the Queen of looking flawless every time she sets foot on the red carpet. This makeup look combines a bold shadow with a bold lip to create a cohesive and put-together end result. Let’s start with the eyes. To pull off Rihanna’s luminous cat eye, we are going to create a cut crease. Use a warm brown in your crease, and then conceal.This time instead of leaving the lid bare, go in with an iridescent shade (liquid might be easiest to work with to keep the edges of your cut crease sharp) and continue that shade all the way down to your inner lower lash line, making sure to hit your inner corner.

Use a black liner to contrast the bright color on your lid to create a winged liner, and add a coat or two of mascara. Now for the lips. Rihanna has lined her lips using a shade slightly darker than the lipstick she has on, creating a fuller look to her lips. Any time you use red on your lips remember to 1. check your teeth for any stray lipstick 2. take an angled brush and a dab of concealer and gently outline your lips. This will get rid of any imperfections and leave you with a flawless bold lip!


Are there any celebrity makeup looks here you can’t wait to rock at Prom? Let us know your favorite celebrity makeup looks down below!

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