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17 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Are Easy To Recreate

Everyone needs some inspiration when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. We often turn to social media to see what our favorite celebrities are dressing up as, but it’s easy to commit to a costume that’s really elaborate and difficult to execute if you don’t have your own personal makeup artist and fashion expert on hand.

If you’re looking for some inspiration from your favorite celebrities for this spooky season, then you must check out these 17 celebrity Halloween costumes that are original and easy to recreate!

1. Billie Eilish

While many celebrities and influencers have dressed up as Grammy winner Billie Eilish, Nina Dobrev’s getup is the most practical and the most fun. Eilish famously wears oversize clothes that can be found in your brother’s room, and you can find cheap spray-on hair paint at any party supply store to complete the effortless look!

2. Unicorn

The unicorn costume can be worn countless different ways—all you really need is a unicorn headband and lots of glitter! Get creative with your hair and makeup, and throw together whatever clothes you already own. Be a black unicorn, a pink unicorn, a multi-colored unicorn, or a white unicorn just like Jenna Dewan!

3. Cowgirl

The cowgirl is another of the many celebrity Halloween costumes that has endless possibilities. Just throw on a ten-gallon hat and some boots, and the sky’s the limit with your outfit! Be a sexy space cowgirl like Bella Thorne, or put your creativity to the test and recreate a classic Wild West look.

4. Ariana Grande

Kourtney Kardashian nailed this take on Ariana Grande by sporting a cutesy mini dress and one of Grande’s famous updos. You can easily copy Grande’s style by either going through your old dresses that you wore in middle school or taking a quick trip to the mall. Just throw on some makeup and a fake ponytail, or watch this tutorial to recreate her famous half-ponytail style.

5. Rick Sanchez – Rick and Morty

Camila Mendes channeled her inner mad scientist with this super cute and original take on Rick Sanchez. Wear clothes you already own and splurge on the Rick-est wig you can find. Shop any online retailer for the mock portal gun, and don’t forget to draw in the green spittle on your chin!

6. Fairy Princess

Another classic that can be worn countless different ways, the fairy princess costume is perfect for those who want to show off their makeup skills! Wear a cute strapless dress or two-piece you already own, and visit your local costume store to find the perfect wings. Get creative with some body glitter and jewelry, and don’t forget the pointed ears!

7. Beatrix Kiddo – Kill Bill

All you Quentin Tarantino fans will love Halsey’s Kill Bill rendition. Go classic with the original jumpsuit or go sexy with a two-piece set and some knee-high boots. Check out your local costume store for a samurai sword, a blond bob wig, and plenty of fake blood to complete this badass getup!

8. Selena Quintanilla

It’s all in the hair. Recreate America Ferrera’s tasteful and modest take on Selena Quintanilla by throwing together a two-piece set and heels you already own, and watch this tutorial to recreate one of her most famous hairstyle and makeup looks.

9. Elena Montero – The Mask of Zorro

One of the most original celebrity Halloween costumes out there, Elena Montero from the original Zorro movie is sexy, badass, and easy to recreate. Copy Shanina Shaik’s rendition with a simple black choker, a fake sword, a simple white corset and matching skirt, and some voluminous curls.

10. Sonny and Cher

For all those couples out there who love to match, Evan Peters and Halsey’s classy take on the famous duo can be recreated with minimal effort. Just get a couple matching pieces of clothing and the two wigs, and get creative with the rest!

11. Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

While Reese Witherspoon sported many outfits in Legally Blonde, Kim Kardashian’s simple take on the blonde law student’s most famous look is simple, sexy, and very obviously Elle Woods! Just wear whatever pink dress or two-piece set, pink accessories, and over-the-top jewelry you already own, and don’t forget to borrow a small dog for the evening!

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12. Disco Queen

Bella Thorne’s disco queen look is bold, fun, and very easily recreated. This is another of the many celebrity Halloween costumes that can be effectively worn with almost any combination of 70’s jewelry, glitter, and roller skates or platform shoes. Copy Thorne and grab yourself a neon-bright wig if you’re feeling extra brave!

13. Playgirl Bunny

Paris Hilton’s playgirl bunny is one of the sexiest celebrity Halloween costumes to recreate. All you really need is some bunny ears, a bow tie, and and a corset; the rest is up to your interpretation!

14. Cleopatra

This classy Egyptian goddess can be embodied many different ways. Throw together some drape-like clothes you already own and complete the look with some gold adornments. The headpiece, straight black hair with bangs, and makeup are the most important factors. Watch this makeup tutorial if you’re feeling fancy, or recreate Anne Hathaway’s simple yet effective dramatic eye for a simpler look.

15. Sexy Skeleton

Ariel Winter’s sexy skeleton costume is perfect for the lazy trick-or-treater. Just shop online for a skeleton bodysuit and throw on some fishnets, boots or wedges, and whatever makeup and hair combination will make you look the most dead inside.

16. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is another easy yet unmistakable character to dress up as this Halloween. All you need is a few holsters, combat boots, some finger-less gloves, and some skimpy clothes that will channel your inner sexy badass. Demi Lovato’s take on Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft is a perfect example of just the right amount of leather, fake firearms, and skin.

17. Mrs. Hinch

An instant favorite, social media influencer Sophie Hinchcliffe dressed up as herself: a crazy cleaning madwoman. Get creative with the makeup, outfit, and bloody effects, but make sure you don’t forget the Minky cloth!

Which of these celebrity Halloween costumes are you going to try? Tell us below!

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