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10 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Try For The Summer

10 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Try For The Summer

10 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Try For The Summer

If you’re looking for ways to change up your hair this summer, you can easily look toward celebrity hairstyles for some inspiration! Here are 10 amazing celeb hairstyles you should definitely try this summer!

The Lob Haircut

The trendiest haircut for the past couple years belongs to the lob (short for long-bob). Almost every celebrity has rocked this hairstyle at least once in the recent past. Lucy Hale, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez are the most well-known lovers of this look among celebrity hairstyles. It’s face-framing but also low maintenance, making it the perfect summer haircut if you’re looking for a great and trendy change!

Going Platinum

Many celebrities have decided to completely change up their look, whether it’s to revamp their image or cope with a bad breakup. No matter the reason, one of the most popular ways to drastically alter your overall aesthetic is to dye your hair an eye-catching platinum blonde. Having a lighter hair color this summer could totally make you unrecognizable. Unleash your alter ego with this fun celeb-inspired hair color!


The Wet Hair Look

This celebrity-inspired hairstyle is one that is probably the most summer-appropriate. You could wear this on vacation, mimicking the look of just having perfectly stepped out of the pool. While it may seem easy to copy, the wet hair look actually requires quite a bit of product and attention to recreate!

Pixie Haircut

The shortest of all the celebrity hairstyles, the pixie hair cut is perfect for those times you just feel like chopping it all off. Summer is the perfect time to finally cut your hair shorter, making your life easier in dealing with the intense heat. It also saves you lots of time that would have been spent on drying and styling your hair. While pixie cuts still require some styling elements if you wish, it definitely takes the weight of your hair off your head and shoulders.

A Short Bob

If you’re not ready to do a pixie cut just yet, you could experiment with shorter hair by cutting it into a short bob. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, bobs definitely give its wearers an extra cool-factor! They’re one of the most popular and trendiest celebrity hairstyles year-round for a reason.


Space Buns

Inspired by Ariana Grande, space buns are the most playful of the celebrity hairstyles. Let your youthful side play this summer by simply wearing this look!

Vintage Bangs

As if it ever went out of style, 70s bangs are coming back and being modernized to be socially acceptable for today’s standards. While other celebrity hairstyles were somewhat low-maintenance, bangs need a little more TLC. However, if you’re looking for a trendy way to change up your look, bangs are your best bet!

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Sleek Ponytail

The most iconic and versatile of the celebrity hairstyles, a sleek ponytail could be worn for any occasion. It can be dressed up or down, ready for whatever plans you have all day! A little hairspray or mousse will do just the trick for creating that smooth and clean look.

Natural Tousled Waves

Probably the most worn out of the celebrity hairstyles, natural tousled waves will always be on-trend for the summer. As seen on Gigi Hadid, these loose beach waves are also very versatile and give an effortless vibe. Yes, you did wake up flawless!

Vintage Waves

While we might not all be on the red carpet, we can still definitely grab some inspiration from this timeless celebrity hairstyle. Since the 1940s, these vintage waves are guaranteed to give you a classic, put-together look that is perfect for any special occasion you might have this summer!


Which one is your favorite celebrity hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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