8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We're Loving This Year

It’s no secret that celebrities like to switch things up and keep their look fresh. This year is no exception; 2019 has brought a medley of new hairstyles for celebrities everywhere. Take a look at some of the best celebrity hairstyles this year has to offer.

1. Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods’ hiatus from Instagram post Tristan Thompson cheating scandal ended with a bang. She reappeared with a simple blunt bob; but her new hair didn’t last long. She switched things up yet again a mere few weeks later, debuting blonde tresses on Instagram, crediting hairstylist and custom wig maker The Frontal Sleyer. Polar opposites, but both looks are to die for.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

2. Taylor Swift

Swift added a twist to her usual medium length blonde hair by dying the tips pink. Her new pink hairstyle, combined with her recent pastel and sparkle themed Instagram aesthetic, might be hinting towards a release of something big this year. The dyed tips offer up more of a punk look, contrasting with her rather innocent public persona.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

3. Demi Lovato

Demi debuted an angular bob on Instagram on April 11, captioning the post, “New hair, who dis?” The recent chop comes as a nice change after months of extensions and long brown hair. She attributes her new look to hairstylist Amber Maynard, who took the plunge and cut off at least 5 inches of Lovato’s formerly lengthy hair. New year, new Demi, new hair.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

4. Bella Hadid

The end of March brought a new hair color for one of the iconic Hadid sisters. Bella brought back her native dirty blonde, breaking the news to the public with an Instagram post captioned “Back to dirty blonde, back to my roots.” The look comes as a subtle change from her usual espresso brown locks, the blonde reminiscent of her older sister, Gigi Hadid.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

5. Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford ditched her ginger hair in favor of her natural brunette locks. She broke the news to fans on Instagram, writing on a post, “Brunette is back.” We’ve definitely enjoyed watching Langford experiment with a variety of colors post-13 Reasons Why; but fans seem to approve of her original look, and think brunette is best.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

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6. Kylie Jenner

What would be a celebrity hairstyle list without Kylie Jenner? World-renowned for her ever-changing hair colors and styles, Kylie Jenner ditches her blonde cut and is back to black. Floor-length black, that is; she’s opted for extremely long extensions this time. Seems like a handful to maintain, but she pulls it off; just like every other hairstyle, it seems.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

7. Lucy Hale

Another celeb who’s notorious for her chameleon hair, Lucy Hale has taken a leaf from Kylie Jenner’s book and gone back to her natural brunette locks. After switching between blonde and brown over the last year, she settled on an espresso brown bob. It suits her just as well as any of her other hairstyles, and she credits her go-to stylist Kristin Ess for her “new” look.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

8. Emma Roberts

While her peers opt for darker hues, Emma does the opposite. The star not only dyed her dark hair light blonde, but extended it past her former shoulder length cut. “Emma needed to go light again for an upcoming project she’s working on,” divulged the founder of Nine Zero One Salon, Nikki Lee. Whatever the reason, her new beachy, boho waves don’t disappoint her fans.

8 Celebrity Hairstyles We’re Loving This Year

I won’t be surprised if you’re feeling an urge to switch up your own hair after reading this list of the best celebrity hairstyles of 2019. Which of these celebrity hairstyles is your favorite? Comment below!

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