10 Celebrity Embarrassing Stories You’ll Laugh At

Celebrities, they’re just like us! As the saying goes. They eat, they sleep, they date, the hate, they have success stories anddd embarrassing ones! Maybe hearing about celebrity embarrassing stories makes us feel a little better knowing that people as glamorous as they may be, are simply just human and make mistakes. Only their mistakes just might be considered a bit worse because they are in the public eye after all.

Sure you fell flat on your face in front of the cafeteria in high school, but try being famous and falling at the Oscars… in front of the WHOLE WORLD. Ouch. But in the end, it’s nothing but a good laugh as embarrassing moments happen to the best of us. Here are 10 Celebrity embarrassing stories that we can all laugh at now. Well, most of us anyway.

1. Ashlee Simpson Gets Caught Lipsyncing On Saturday Night Live

Back in 2004, Ashlee Simpson was the SNL musical guest. When it was her time to shine, the vocal track to her song “Pieces of me” started to play before she even opened her mouth. Thus revealing to the world that she was planning on lipsyncing that night. Totally taken by surprised and full of embarrassment, she started doing a jig before walking off of the stage.

Being a singer is hard enough, but imagine getting caught lipsyncing on live television? The backlash that she received was incredible. But she didn’t let that stop her and returned to SNL the next year to redeem herself.

2. Jennifer Lawrence Trips At The Oscars More Than Once

One thing that Jennifer Lawrence was always upfront about was that she was not a perfect human being. This was something that most people respected about her and adored. Well, she showed us just how truthful she was by her terrible ability to walk up steps, especially at the Oscars. An embarrassing moment indeed, but one that probably makes most of us respect her more. We’ve all been there Jen! I mean, not at the Oscars, but you know what we mean!

3. Kristen Stewart Drops MTV Award

I don’t know who could forget when Kristen Stewart received a Golden Popcorn award from MTV for Best Female Performance and DROPPED IT as soon as she received it. The few seconds that you see her stumbling to catch it you can’t help but chuckle because, cm’on, we’ve ALL been there. Once again, and embarrassing moment that had to happen in front of the whole world to see.

4. Steve Harvey Announced The Wrong Miss Universe

Now this moment was not just embarrassing for Steve Harvey, but for Miss Columbia. Steve Harvey mistook the name of First Runner Up for the Winner of Miss Universe. They crowned the poor girl and everything before Steve Harvey came out and told everyone that he had made a mistake. Although embarrassing, you gotta give the guy points for bravery admitting your mistake to the world.

5. Sofia Vergara’s Dress Ripped At The Emmys

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had a wardrobe malfunction. Whether you ripped your pants, shirt, underwear, a piece of clothing was ruined and something was exposed that you felt you’d never live down. For Sofia Vergara, it was her dress when she walked at the Emmy’s showing her whole butt!

confused fan club GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

6. Fergie Peed Herself

When Fergie was off giving a performance on stage, a wet spot between her legs was clearly visible in photos that were taken of her. Later on, she admitted that she had in fact peed herself on stage. Yikes!

7. Janet Jackson Nip Slip

At the 2004 Superbowl, Janet Jackson performed the halftime show with Justin Timberlake. A big honor, the halftime show is something that some people tune into the Superbowl just to watch. So you could imagine how embarrassing it was when they all saw Janet Jackson’s nip slip when JT pulled a dance move on her.

8. Katy Perry Falls Into Cake

This celebrity embarrassing stories is during one of her performances, Katy Perry fell into this giant pink cake on stage. The embarrassing part was her trying to stand back up. She just couldn’t seem to get her balance and slipped multiple times!

GIF by evite

9. Zach Efron Condom Slip

While Zach Efron was at the premiere of The Lorax, a kids movie non-the less, a condom fell out of his pocket on the red carpet. I mean at least the world knows he’s being safe!

10. Madonna Super Bowl Fall

Another Celebrity embarrassing stories and embarrassing super bowl moment. When Madonna was on stage, performing doing her thing, she took a stumble backward!

fall fighting GIF

Which celebrity embarrassing stories is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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