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15 Celebrity Couples We Miss More Than Words Can Say

15 Celebrity Couples We Miss More Than Words Can Say

Sometimes, we become so invested in a relationship that we almost forget there’s an entire world revolving around the Sun right now. And sometimes, that relationship isn’t even ours. 

I love celebrity couples, but I have to remind myself that the likelihood of two beautiful, talented people being a forever thing is slim to none. And it’s devastating. I get so caught up in wanting a celeb couple to adopt me that when their inevitable breakup finally happens, I feel like a kid with divorced parents. 

Get ready for some throwbacks, because here are 15 celebrity couples we miss more than words can say!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

This one broke me. 

Their first split was forseeable; it was 2012, and Miley claimed she was moving onto a chapter that didn’t involve her Last Song co-star and then-fiance. But they rekindled the flame and seemed to be going stronger than ever in December 2018, when the couple tied the knot in a super personal wedding ceremony. A few months later, Liam  single handedly saved their Malibu farm animals from deadly wildfires, proving himself anyone’s dream husband. But then, out of what felt like no where, they called it quits for good last August.

15 Celebrity Couples That We Miss More Than Words Can Say

Miley has since had (very public) flings with reality star Kaitlynn Carter and singer Cody Simpson, who she’s currently seeing. Meanwhile, Liam is dating model Gabriella Brooks. Brb. Sobbing. 

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan

They were married for 11 years! Also an on-camera couple, Channing and Jenna share daughter Everly together, and have remained friends since their divorce. But it seems like no one saw it coming. Channing has since dated and ended it with singer Jessie J, while Jenna gave birth to a son with Steve Kazee, her fiance. But I miss my mom and dad.

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler

This was another recent celebrity couple breakup that was shocking. Nine years of dating came to a slamming halt for the two due to scheduling conflicts and long-distance issues. While these are legitimate issues, I feel like a lost puppy without them. 

Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t seen it coming. But the popstar and SNL comedian, whose whirlwind romance lasted only five months, called off their engagement and moved on pretty fast. But hey, we got a great standup special out of it from Pete and, of course, from Ariana, “thank u, next.”

15 Celebrity Couples That We Miss More Than Words Can Say

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk

I was surprised when the actor and his supermodel wife, who share a daughter together, announced their split last year. But what I miss more than anything about their relationship are the paparazzi photos of this insanely attractive pair.   

Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik

Are they together or are they not? Who knows…Gigi and Zayn are one of the most on-and-off celebrity couples. But they’re also one of the most beautiful couples. Allegedly, they’re split, but I hope the universe brings these two back together.

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters

The American Horror Story cast members were engaged at one point, but Emma also got taken into custody for punching Evan in the face…their seven-year relationship certainly had its ups and downs, but sadly ended in 2019.

15 Celebrity Couples We Miss More Than Words Can Say

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

Stormi’s mom and dad are actually #ExGoals, but were definitely #RelationshipGoals back when they were together. At least they’re friends and hands on co-parents!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

The former Victoria’s Secret Model and Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who are co-parents of son Flynn, called it quits after six years, three of those married. Miranda has since remarried and has two children, while Orlando and his fiance, Katy Perry, are expecting their first child together. At least things seemed to work out for them. But for this fangirl, nothing will amount to M-Orlando.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

The Twilight co-stars continued their romance off camera, and we were all there for it. They stayed together for four years and ended it IRL in 2013. What made their breakup so, so hard was the fact that both live such private lives. But nonetheless, their split broke Twi-hards inside (and out).

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15 Celebrity Couples That We Miss More Than Words Can Say

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

Did we ever recover from this one? I don’t think I did. After shooting Camp Rock, the Disney stars pursued a real-life romance that only lasted for two glorious months. Demi walked away as besties with Joe’s brother Nick, and has apparently stayed amicable with the other Joe Bros as well. Aw! 

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris

After eight years of marriage, their split was a WTF moment. The Parks and Recreation actor and his Scary Movie actress wife gave off seriously wholesome vibes, but there were lots of rumors that Chris was unfaithful during their marriage. We were living a lie. For the sake of their son, though, the two have remained close. 

Anna Camp & Skylar Astin

After shooting Pitch Perfect together, the two’s off-camera relationship was so peachy they tied the knot in 2016! And although neither publicly commented on details, they filed for divorce a little over two years after. But they were so cute together.

15 Celebrity Couples That We Miss More Than Words Can Say

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

This might seem like ancient history, but we can’t pretend it didn’t happen: two of the biggest popstars were romantically linked for several months about seven years ago. Did you ship #Haylor?

Harry is famously down with exes writing songs about him, and he recently went on Howard Stern and applauded Taylor for “Style” and “Out of the Woods.” Both songs were reportedly written about the One Direction star in Swift’s album 1989. I think it’s fair to say that looks and talent wise, this is a celebrity couple I lost sleep over in 2012.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

My actual mom and dad. Did ANYONE see this coming? Their breakup truly made me feel like love is dead, and I have since lost all hope. They were the celebrity couple of celebrity couples! They have six children together! I can’t; I just simply can not. That’s about all I have to say.

Which celerity couple that didn’t work out are you most bummed about? Let us know in the comments!

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