10 Celebrities We Are Currently Obsessed With

Celebrities are the people we happen to look up to the most and become obsessed with. Whether it is their fashion, music, personality, beauty, etc. We are inspired by celebrities in our everyday life. Here are 10 celebrities we are currently obsessed with.

1. Charli D’Amelio

This 16-year-old has truly blown up the world. She has become known worldwide within just a year for her dancing videos on Tik Tok. She started life doing professional dancing at the age of 5 and never stopped. Dance is what she loves to do the most and it clearly shows that she is good at it too.

She continues to build her and her brand up rapidly. She is currently at 101 million followers on Tik Tok alone. Can you even imagine? We aren’t just obsessed with Charli because of her dancing but also because she is so caring about others. She frequently tries to speak up for the community and be an amazing role model for the younger generations. They see her and think dreams can really come true and with that, we can’t get enough of her!


2. Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie is Charli’s sister and we are just as obsessed! She is a beautiful social media personality who hopped on the Tik Tok train just around the same time as Charli. Dixie likes to post videos related to comedic skits, music, or having a chat with her followers. She has recently become known for her song Be Happy that blew up once it was released. 

To go back to her childhood, Dixie was very much into musical theater and sports. As she has gotten older she didn’t want to pursue her true passion which was music because during this time her heart wasn’t in it. Now at 19 years old, she has the confidence in herself that she is a great singer and has pursued it with full force! We are also obsessed with her because she’s so gorgeous and amazing role model! She’s even been recognized by major fashion companies such as Ralph Lauren to model for them. Can you say WHAT A DREAM?! 


3. Addison Rae

Addison is a beautiful and talented young lady that we are currently obsessed with too! She had previous experience in dance starting at age 7, cheer, and modeling which she just signed to a modeling agency! She even started off on Vine so she is not new to the whole Tik Tok vibes. Her dream is to become an actress and we can totally see her being a success in this field. Not only is she doing well on her own as a Tik Tok star her parents have joined the bandwagon. Talk about a family to be reckoned with!


4. Noah Beck

When you hear the name Noah Beck, you probably think of one thing. HOT HOT HOT. He is an upcoming star in the entertainment world. As of right now, he is a famous Tik Tok star that we are truly obsessed with. His videos are known to be comedic and attractive (if you know what I mean). He recently has even publically mentioned that he is in a relationship with Dixie D’Amelio as previously mentioned. They seem very happy together and adorable, but of course, the rest of the world is crying from not being with him personally!

5. Machine Gun Kelly

MGK has blown up the world with music. He is a mixture of rock, rap, and alternative. He recently has dropped his album, Tickets To My Downfall that became a smash hit and we are obsessed of course!  He even has been dabbling in the acting world where we actually can’t get enough of. Can’t wait to see what is next for MGK!


6. Madison Beer

Madison Beer is one of the hottest topics out there. She is gorgeous beyond belief but that’s not all she has going for her. She is extremely musically talented. She started off posting a few Youtube videos when she was 12 years old and soon enough, Justin Bieber himself tweeted her videos astonished by how amazing she was. She was then signed by Scoot Braun who manages Justin, but Madison soon found out that they weren’t in the same mindset of what type of music they wanted to release for her. She has proved everyone wrong and has made a name for herself.

Not only does she use her voice to sing about topics that need to be talked about in today’s world, but she also takes to the time to express to her followers the importance of knowing that social media usage is not healthy. Not even for her. She is a true inspiration and a beautiful soul. Obsessed, period. 


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7. James Charles

James Charles is our makeup expert! He is extremely talented in this area and has shown us the magic of what makeup can do by using Youtube videos to express his creativity. He has inspired many of us and has taught us that although makeup is fun to play with, we are all beautiful without it and that we don’t need it.  He is exactly what the world needed and has made us believe that following our dreams can be achievable for any one of us. We are obsessed with you James!


8. Emma Chamberlain

This beautiful soul is nothing but amazing. We are obsessed with Emma because she is 100% herself and nothing less. She started making Youtube videos that were just about her everyday life but what really made us want to watch more was her ability to not care what anyone thought of her. She showed the ups and downs of her life that many people her age and older either were going through or had gone through. She now has become a Youtube sensation and has focused her brand on her coffee brand and fashion. Huge designers such as Louis Vuitton have noticed how awesome she truly is. She cares about her followers and empowers everyone to be their true self!


9. Chase Hudson

Chase is apart of the Tik Tok family also known as Lil Huddy. He is rising up in the entertainment world and it’s becoming more exciting to see what he is up to. He did start on Vine back in the day so he does know the ropes a bit. He usually posts videos of himself lip-syncing or fashion videos. We are obsessed with them and we can’t forget, he’s also dating Charli D’amelio! Talk about a power couple!

10. Tana Mongeau 

We love Tana. She may be a bit on the crazier side but we are obsessed. She came from Las Vegas with not much but has made a name for herself through making storytime Youtube videos. She has been authentically herself and has taught her audience that it’s okay to mess up sometimes. We are all only human and that’s okay. She has gotten up each time something crazy has happened to her and has shown the world that she is a strong woman and won’t let anything stop her! 


Who’s your favorite celebrity that you are obsessed with? Comment down below to let us know!

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