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CAUTION Slippery When Wet: The Pros And Cons of Having Sex In The Shower

CAUTION Slippery When Wet: The Pros And Cons of Having Sex In The Shower

Having sex in the shower isnt always as 'hot and steamy' as you may think. Here is a list of the pros and cons of shower sex!

One fun component of having sex with your partner is trying new things. Other things can be registered under “tried once, never again,” like 69ing, for instance. And then there’s this whole pool of things that either seem to be the best or the absolute worst, depending on the day — shower sex is one of those things. Shower sex is in so many movies that you’d think it was a common, everyday occurrence. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. There are pros and cons to shower sex, like any other type of sex, and there are certain considerations to take note of:


Easy Clean up

Let’s be honest, I’d rather not lay there lifelessly after sex waiting for bae to take his sweet ass time getting tissues or a towel. Being in the shower, the mess is gone pretty much instantly, and you’re squeaky clean! Which brings me to the next Pro of having sex in the shower…

Doing The Dirty Never Felt So Clean

The obvious perk of shower sex.. even if you feel like you’re being dirty, you still end up using you’re lilac dove soap on your fuchsia loofah just like you would any other shower. It’s like killing two birds with one stone… if the two birds count as daily hygiene and having sexy time with bae.

Feeling Close And Vulnerable With Your Partner

Usually during sex, your partner might help you undress in the heat of the moment. But before taking a shower with them, you awkwardly get naked and stand there waiting for the water to heat up. However, not a con. It’s hard not to feel close and vulnerable with each other when you’re bare naked and in a confined space. Nothing better than getting real close in a 34′ by 34′ tub! Trying new sexy things with your partner will boost your relationship making the two of you feel closer.

Environmentally Friendly

Now this just makes logical sense. Leave some water for the fishies and shower together. It’s a more efficient use of time, more time to spend together, and eco-friendly!


Consider Signing An Injury Waiver

DISCLAIMER: if your mans cant lift you up with ease, you are at risk for serious injury, and I don’t think your Allstate insurance will cover this one. You are clearly NOT in good hands.

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Water Is NOT Lube

What guys don’t realize about having sex in the water is that it does the opposite of what they think it’s gonna do. It dries out all that lovely natural lubrication, making shower sex  occasionally painful for girls who don’t produce that lubrication au naturale (thanks, birth control.) And don’t even think of getting soap down there to “make it more slippery,” sir. Do you even know what a pH balance is?!?!

Some Things Don’t Wash Off Like Soap Does

For the love of GOD, do not let your partner finish on any part of your body in the shower, especially your face. I repeat, NOT ON THE FACE. Spoiler alert: when mixed with water, this.. substance.. turns more into that damn sticky face mask that just does not want to peel off. Not that I know this from experience, just trust me, OK?

(Shower) Size DOES Matter

Small showers are epitome of shitty sex. If you ‘re having sex in the shower, you have to be aware of your surroundings, aka each other. If the shower is too small, there really isn’t much space for the two of you to move, let alone f*ck.

Have you had a memorable experience (good or bad) while having shower sex? Tell us in the comments!

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