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10 Catering Companies Worth Hiring For Your Holiday Party This Year

10 Catering Companies Worth Hiring For Your Holiday Party This Year

Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re in need of some catering for your next holiday party. You’ve tried other catering services, and you’ve been relatively pleased with the experience. But there was always something missing. You still felt that you had to put forth most of the effort to elevate the experience. And after a long fall season, you want to kickback and relax. With the following catering companies, you’ll be able to do so with ease. Let’s get into the ten catering companies worth hiring for your holiday party this year. 

1. Forklift Catering

Forklift Catering is a catering company that uses local and sustainable product. The staff will respond promptly and every dish is assiduously crafted to not only taste exquisite, but also look exquisite. With the breadth of food on the menu, satisfying each of your guests just got a whole lot easier. A philosophy that separates Forklift from its competitors is the company’s intense devotion to its customers. They’ll stop at nothing until your catering experience is as convenient as possible. So what are your waiting for? Give them a call. 

10 Catering Options For Your Next Holiday Party


2. Above and Beyond Catering

Attending to every last detail is a staple of this nearly twenty-five-year-old company. They understand that planning an event is stressful and that’s why they strive to make it as easy for you as possible. Above and Beyond Catering has a slew of different menu items for every occasion. From a bar mitzvah to an afternoon tea reception, they have it all. In addition, as a gay owned catering company, they have catering specifically tailored for LGBTQ weddings. 

3. East Meets West Catering

East Meets West is unrivaled in its innovation. After thirty years of awards and exceptional business, the company’s  blend of different culinary traditions has been perfected. The menu provides a variety of delicious options with both eastern and western influences. The tablescapes are so beautiful that you’ll want to take full credit. East Meets West Catering’s devotion to its customer will insure the perfect event that your guest will remember long after the last departure. 

4. Pauli’s

Pauli’s sells wraps, sandwiches, seafood and cookies. Choose from a wide array of creative menu items. From seafood to classic subs, every item is a mouth watering burst of flavor. According to People, Buzzfeed, Fox News, and Boston Globe, Pauli’s is one of the best seafood restaurants in Boston. Though they may not impress with aesthetically pleasing tablescapes like East Meets West, they make up for their lack of presentation with great menu items. Furthermore, Pauli’s is one of the most popular catering options in Boston, owing to its ability to please a variety of taste buds. Really you can’t go wrong with Pauli’s. 


5. Brit Bakery

Now for a sweeter catering option. Brit Bakery has been proudly serving the Boston area for over a decade, which lends to a unique understanding of how to meet their customer’s demands. They know that a special importance is placed on baked goods. That’s why you can rest assure that they’ll execute your themes to perfection. All of the baked goods are sedulously made to taste even better than they look and items range from scones to sandwiches. Brit Bakery is a delicious option for anyone wanting to take their event to the next level. 

10 Catering Options For Your Next Holiday Party

6. B & M 

B & M catering supplies its customers with fantastic clambakes, pig roasts, barbecues and bar services. The company has been operating for thirty years and knows how to please its customers. Customize your catering event based on the needs of your guests. If you want something that’s not on the menu, they’ll try their best to provide you with it. Once the event is over, they’ll leave all of the leftovers to you. Additionally, they make accommodations for food allergies and dietary restrictions. So why are your hesitating? Hire them for your next holiday party! 


7. Catering to You

Regardless of what you are celebrating, Catering to You offers complimentary services and can help facilitate the stressful process of planning your next holiday party. Choose from a myriad of beautiful styles in presentation and menus. Styles are decided based on the nature of the event. Is it a corporate meeting, a wedding, a private party, a holiday party? Cater to You can cater to them all. And with more options than ever, you’ll be able to satisfy every last one of those picky guests. 

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8. Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds is a private catering company in the Boston area. Similar to B & M, Above the Clouds allows you to customize the menu, and there is no fixed pricing. Pricing is based on negotiation. They set aside time to discuss your needs and are committed to serving excellence. Besides the superlative service, Above the Clouds consistently delivers delicious food. After attending many uninspired catering events, the owner realize that catering is an art that requires skill and dedication. The staff truly wants to help you create your dream event, and they listen to every bit of information they give you. Because they understand that a wedding or a barmitzvah should transport guests to food heaven, if only for a brief moment in time. 


9. Coleman Catering

Coleman Catering is company that offers a diversity of stunning menu items that taste delicious. Special attention is paid to maintain nutritional value throughout the always expanding menu. Coleman specializes in sandwiches but still provide a wide selection of menu items. From sandwiches to pastries, from a warm breakfast to a filling lunch, from salads to wraps, they have as much as you could hope for. Furthermore, all sandwiches can be gluten free for an extra two dollars. With a touch of modern elegance, Coleman will surpass your expectations and more some. 

10. Swart’z 

Swart’z is a catering company that serves the greater Boston area. The master chefs adeptly offer superior food and beautiful presentation. Every staff member cares about your experience and delivers superb service with a smile. Let them guide you through the process of planning and executing your event. They cater to all sorts of events and won’t settle until you’re satisfied. Stop paying less, and go with the best for your holiday party. 

10 Catering Options For Your Next Holiday Party


I don’t live in the Boston area, so I’m just going off of the fabulous reviews and testimonials for these companies. Do you agree with this list? What are some of your favorite catering companies in the Boston area? Comment down below.