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8 Cat Breeds You Can Totally Hide In Your Rental

8 Cat Breeds You Can Totally Hide In Your Rental

Okay, so you probably can’t completely hide a new pet from your landlord, but you can try! Maybe you can convince them that scratching post and cat tower are for aesthetic purposes – you don’t really have a cat, you just wanted the illusion of having a cat.

Below are the eight cats you definitely don’t have living in your new rental!

1. Devon Rex

These hairy Sphynxes are for those of you who like a little fur on your goblin of a cat. They have the biggest, cutest eyes ever, and ditto with the ears. Seriously! They’re like twice the size of their heads.


The Devon Rex is also known for being a slender cat – perfect for hiding in those nooks and crannies if your property agent or landlord decides to spring a surprise inspection on you!

2. Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is that cat that some people love, and others hate. But whether you stand on one side of the fence or the other, you’ve gotta agree, hairlessness goes a long way to hiding the fact you have a cat in your house. 


While some cats cover every possible surface in a fine layer of fluff and hair, these beautiful creatures will be way easier to hide – and to clean up after.

3. Siamese

Siamese cats are the streamlined version of a Ragdoll – sort of. These cats are somewhere in between the Sphynx and other, fluffier breeds. You can usually spot them sporting a brown seal point coat, looking all gorgeous and better-than-you. 


Plus, their short coats are known for being low maintenance and shedding very little – super easy to deal with.

4. Munchkin

These cats are the result of a genetic mutation which makes their teeny, tiny legs look very teeny and tiny. Although there is something to note about genetic mutations that result in health issues (like the Pug and its deformed snout, and the consequential breathing issues), these cats still deserve owners who can look after them.


Their sausage-dog size also makes them the perfect cat to hide in the smallest places in your apartment. Under your bed? The couch? Yep, they’ll fit anywhere.

5. British Shorthair

Or the longhaired varieties, too – but we think those glorious coats might require a little more effort to hide from your landlord. 


The shorthaired variety in British-breed cats might be more your style, if subterfuge is your game. They might have “short” coats, but their chubby cheeks are just to die for – and it helps that they don’t shed as much as some cats do.

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6. Selkirk Rex

This beautiful breed of cats has the cutest, most woolly coat of all – and the thin, curling hairs that it sports means one thing; less shedding! While, like all hairy cats, this breed might shed a little, it definitely isn’t as dire a situation as, say, a Persian and its long and luscious coat.

7. Cornish Rex

Just as above, the Cornish Rex has a similar coat to the Selkirk. While the two breed aren’t related, they share some common features in term of their coat – that being the thin, shed-less approach. When it comes to having a blanket of hair on your black sofa, this cat avoids it way better than some. Your landlord surely won’t suspect a thing.


8. Siberian Cat

These beautiful cats are for the cat lovers out there that just adore the fluffiness. And seriously, these guys are fluffy. When you think about their cold-climate origins, it makes sense that Siberian cats wouldn’t really want to lose all of that fur that keeps them warm – which is true. Of all the long-haired cats to keep a secret in your rental, this one is definitely the easiest.


What cat breed is your fave? Comment below!

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