Casual But Professional Work Clothing For The Fall Season

If you are new to the work life…well, same. No more cute summer dresses — it’s time for cardigans, autumn-colored blazers and full on slacks. If you have no idea how to add fall colors and vibes into your casual but professional work clothing for the fall season then do not worry. I will make it easy for your closet with these work outfits that will introduce you to fall vibes without stripping comfort from your clothing.

1. Black and White Plaid Pants

On trend, cute, and definitely a fall mood. You can pair these pants with a cute black top, some gold jewelry, and a pair of tan flats. These pants will change up the usual neutral tones in your closet to bring a fun pattern for the fall season. Not to mention you can pair these pants from Banana Republic with a blazer for even more of a professional and not so casual look.

The pants are also high-rise with a slim wide-leg crop, so it’ll be giving you fall fashion at its best while allowing your legs to breathe. With this fall pick, you are getting a great pattern with all of the comfort.

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Casual But Professional Work Clothing For The Fall Season

2. Fall Colored Pants

What are fall colored pants you ask? Think dark greens, burnt orange, burgundy, and cream colors. You can pair these pants with a nice sweater so that you are warm and comfortable rolling out of bed at seven in the morning to head over to the day job. With this look, you can feel the maximum amount of comfort while strutting a cute and professional look through the office. Now, if this doesn’t speak work clothing for the fall season, then I don’t know what does!

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3. Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are a popular work and casual must-have. If you don’t have a midi skirt already in your closet, you’ll definitely need a nice and pleated one for the upcoming fall season. You can match a cute midi skirt with any simple top and short blazer. Now, how could you go wrong with that kind of simplicity? I’ll be honest with you, you cannot. When you wake up early in the AM and have no idea what to wear because all of your cutest tops and slacks are in the wash, a nice midi skirt with your fitted blazer and a simple top is a great option. You may think it was an easily put together outfit but you’ll be getting compliments all day long.

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Casual But Professional Work Clothing For The Fall Season

4. Colorful Or Patterned Pencil Skirt

Just like the plaid pants, this high-waisted Houndstooth fitted pencil skirt is perfect for the fall season! It takes a neutral take on a more fall pattern. You can add in a simple and light sweater that is either yellow or burgundy. You’ll be the fashion girl in the office and people will be asking where you got that patterned pencil skirt from because it is oh-so perfect for fall!

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5. High Waisted Satin Twist Front Asymmetrical Midi Skirt

You are going to dream of this skirt and probably try to get away with wearing it several days a week. You could even truck it out for a drink or wear it for you after work date. Have you ever seen such a multidimensional skirt before?

You can wear this number with a sweater making it the perfect piece of work clothing for the fall season! Again, make your work closet simple, fashionable and comfortable with a skirt like this one. You can wear it with a variety of outfits and combinations making it worth the money. The asymmetrical twist front is in, the satin finish is in, you will be in the office staying on trend and getting work done all season long.

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6. Trench Coat

You can find super cute and lightly lined trench coats on almost any work clothing site. Express has a really cute belted and waterfall trench coat that comes in four colors, all fall vibes in one adorable coat. When you walk into work not only will your coat be cute and screaming the fall season is here but when you take off the coat and enjoy a grueling workday, your outfit will be the main course. In burnt orange, a light lavender, burgundy, and black you can have your pick of a comfortable and fall fashion must wear with this belted trench coat.

A waterfall coat can give off an elegant and yet casual appearance to your work outfit. The jacket may be a bit pricey, but it’ll be a worthy price to last you for several fall seasons.

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7. Comfortable Sweaters

Simple and light sweaters are perfect with any pair of slacks or midi skirts. This fitted crew neck sweater from Express comes in tons of different colors to choose from so you can buy one, two or even three sweaters that’ll go with a variety of fall work outfits. That way you can have an easy outfit to throw on before running late for at least one or two days a week. Not to mention while wearing a comfortable sweater that is work ready you can double a cute look along with a comfy “I’m pretending I’m really in bed today” mood.

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7. Comfy Cardigans

A cardigan is a perfect and more comfortable stand-in for a blazer. You’ll still be looking professional all while cozying up in a cardigan. With a mostly neutral-toned outfit, you can add a pop of color with a necklace, in your makeup or with your shoes! Like in the picture, you can sport some cheetah print flats. It’s a total trend and the best outfit for the fall season.

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You may not be ready for the fall season to replace your summer outfits, but these clothing ideas will keep your work clothing on trend. You’ll be feeling comfy and cute as hell! Which fall work outfit are you trying out? Let us know!

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