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10 Cashmere Sweaters Under $75 From Your Dreams

Cashmere sweaters are soft and luxurious, especially compared to other wools that can be itchy or scratchy against your skin. Of all the ways to cuddle up in the winter, cashmere is by far the warmest way to do it, but many cashmere sweaters come with a steep price tag. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled this list of cozy and fashionable cashmere sweaters that come in under $75! Snuggle up and snuggle on my friends; all of these cashmere sweaters will make excellent additions to your winter wardrobes.

1. A Classic Gray Turtleneck

Gray is a really nice neutral color in the winter because it doesn’t create a harsh contrast against winter whites, and it goes with everything in your wardrobe. Plus, gray is a flattering color for many different skin tones and complexions, so you can’t really go wrong. A classic turtleneck fit will keep you warm and styling on cool nights. Wear your gray cashmere turtleneck with gray pants, then accent with black accessories like this fashionista below. The tall black boots make an especially attractive pairing!

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2. A Chic Black Mock Tank

Do you ever feel way too hot in your sweaters? Do you ever work up a sweat, but don’t want to ruin your outfit by taking too many layers off? No-sleeve sweaters are for you my friend! A surprisingly versatile piece, a no-sleeve sweater can go under a bulky winter coat with ease, or you can wear it on its own in slightly warmer weather. You can even try wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath for a cute layered look. Chic and classic, black is a great way to take this style to the next level, especially with a great trench coat and black platform boots.

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3. A Sophisticated Burgundy Crew

Burgundy is such a sophisticated, elegant color. The way it pairs with a deep red lip is absolutely to die for! I love a crewneck style for showing off delicate necklaces, as this elegant lady is doing below. Another great way to take advantage of the crewneck style is to pair a collared shirt underneath, which will create a great business-chic vibe!

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4. A Sleek Navy Turtleneck

Navy is another jewel tone that adds a little bit more interest to winter outfits while still remaining sleek and subtle. Not only does it highlight blue eyes, but it flatters warmer complexions with its cool blue contrast- awesome for winter months when your cheeks turn bright red! The turtleneck will bring this beautiful color right up to your chin, so you’re sure to get all the flattering benefits.

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5. A Neutral Gray V-Neck

A v-neck is the perfect style for someone who feels like winter layers constrict them, especially around the neck. Neutral gray is flattering and versatile, so layer a shirt underneath to peek through at the v, add a collared shirt to accent the neckline, or let a delicate necklace do all the talking. Below, this delicate style is all about subtlety, giving all the focus to the earrings!

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6. A Fashionable Oatmeal Mockneck

Mocknecks are all the elegance of turtlenecks with none of the bulk! Plus, if you are someone who feels constricted by a sweater around your neck, mocknecks are a great option for breathability, while still getting the benefit of more of a seal from the cold around the neckline. Nice, oatmeal cashmere sweaters are a fashionable neutral loved by celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Haley Baldwin. Warmer than gray, but cooler than tan, oatmeal can be the perfect balance.

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7. An Oversized Pink V-Neck

A v-neck style can also be a way to show off your cleavage, your collarbone, or whatever else you’d like to show, especially in an oversized silhouette. Experiment with men’s and women’s styles of cashmere sweaters to achieve your optimum oversize fit, and the perfect depth on your v-neck. A nice pink hue will give a kiss of vibrancy to your look, while still remaining sleek and chic. Plus, pink and oversized creates a cute tomboy type vibe!

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8. A Femme White Crew

White feels very femme to me, especially in white cashmere sweaters. The soft elegance of a white crewneck can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories you add. Lovely with jeans, and refined with a skirt or some trousers, your white cashmere sweater might just become your winter white favorite. The many shades of white pictured below is a beautiful way to style your white crewneck. What a perfect gold accent!

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9. A Sunny Yellow Turtleneck

If you’re the type to bring a little sunshine to grayer days, you have to check out yellow cashmere turtlenecks! A fun and fashionable choice, yellow shines bright hues all around you, lighting up your days and your face. From dandelion to mustard, yellow has such a positive energy to it, which many seem to need in the wintertime. Plus, who can argue that the gorgeous contrast created below with a yellow turtleneck and emerald green pants isn’t an absolutely genius winter combo. Who else loves this riche aesthetic?

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10. A Bomb Orange Crew

Ah, the rebels, the farmers, and the other orange loving people of the world. For anyone looking to make a true statement, this snuggly orange crew is the way to go. Choosing orange for your cashmere sweaters will help you glow like the embers in the campfire, and flatter darker skin tones by bringing out warm undertones. Not only am I obsessed with this cute camping photo, but I can’t get over the shorts and boots combination! Try any of these colors in the color palette for your orange crew.

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From neutral to statement colors, cashmere sweaters can be soft and luxurious for everyone, especially under $75. Which of these cashmere sweaters caught your eye?

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